Features To Look For In A Digital Solution For Gift Cards

Corporate gifting is an on-going trend, and it is common for a firm to extend rewards to its employees in the form of gifts. But, how common is offering gifts through a digital solution? Let’s suppose you have a sales team that’s spread across the country. A particular region has performed very well, and you want to reward the entire team. But you don’t have much time, so what will you do? It’s where digital employee gift cards can be of great help for your firm. It’s not as common yet, but it’s picking pace in the industry rather quickly.. Before you zero-in on a digital solution for corporate gifting, let’s take a look at the must-have features for such a solution:


You must be able to send gift grants to the employees with the help of an online dashboard.  It would be the central console for sending the gifts. You can use it to add a list of the employees who would receive the grants. You can also schedule a day for a payout of the grant.

Gifting Instantaneously

With the help of a digital solution, you must be able to quickly give instant gift cards to your team members. The feature comes very handy when you have to give the gifts spontaneously in the middle of a game or an activity. A digital solution must have provisions for instant gifting.

instant gift cards


One of the biggest advantages of the digital gift card is that it puts control in your hand. You can decide the amount and the validity of the card. In addition to this, the solution must also give you the flexibility of deciding where the gift card can be used.

No Logistical Hassles

When you go for such a digital solution, it does away the need for obtaining gifts and getting them delivered to your office. With large organizations, the problem is even bigger because you have thousands of gifts to be bought. A digital solution involves zero hassles and offers more meaningful gifts that can be used anywhere.

No Acceptance Issues

Would you like to face issues of acceptance with the gift card that you provide to your employees? Certainly not! Those who have received the card must be able to use it everywhere or at places where you decide you want them to be used.

Beneficial For Employees

A digital solution for a corporate gift card should have benefits for employees as well. There are options where you can deem a particular amount of your employees’ salary as gift and that amount becomes non-taxable. While the company going for a gift card can set any amount to the card, but any amount exceeding Rs. 5000 will become taxable for the employees.

Revocation of Unintended Grants

In certain circumstances, you may have sent a grant by mistake and would like to cancel it. You’d be able to do it easily using the dashboard of the digital solution. A word of caution, if the recipient of the grant has already consumed it, then you’d have to handle the situation internally. The system will not be able to help in such instances. However, the credits that have not been used can be revoked quickly using the dashboard.

In the end, a lot of companies have started exploring the digital solutions for gifting, so why don’t you?

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