Fighting Skills That Will Make You A Muay Thai Complete Fighter

There are different styles in Muay Thai training. The styles can be broken down into something that is more useful. We have done enough research, talked to professionals to bring you the best tips to help you improve your Muay Thai skills.


Fighting modes

There are four fighting modes in Muay Thai which are county, aggressive, tricky and elusive. Aggressive is when fighters move forward using endurance, physical strength and robustness to defeat their opponents. The counter is when fighters analyse the habits of their opponents and respond to damage or outscore them. Elusive is when fighters become difficult to hit because they move evasively. Tricky is when fighters are cunning and bait and taunt their opponents to break and frustrate them.

Every Muay Thai fighter has a preferred mode, but they also adopt different degrees of these modes too. Depending on the style of their opponents, fighters may use different modes to defeat them just like a game of chess.


Fighting ranges

There are four fighting ranges in Muay Thai: Long range, medium range, close range and clinch range. The long-range includes using teeps, long kicks, and jumping techniques. On the other hand, a medium range includes long knees, long punches, and low kicks. The close range includes knees, elbows, hooks and uppercut punches. Clinch range includes holding your opponent physically and wrestling your opponent upright.

Combining elusive, aggressive, counter or tricky fighting mode with clinch, close, medium and long-range fighting describes different styles a fighter will encounter.


Your style

After knowing the different modes and ranges to encounter in Muay Thai training in Sydney, it is important to understand your unique style. Your style should depend on your athletic abilities, build and your tactical and technical skills at different fighting ranges.

You can use different techniques to see the mix of possible ranges and modes of fighting. It is essential to understand that in Muay Thai, there is no style that is considered to be better than the others. But we have styles that are more effective than others and at different fighting ranges.


How to train for your style

Before you start training for your style, you should understand that fighting begins with the mindset and an attitude. Everything will fall into place later on. In Muay Thai, everything is all about how you throw kicks and punches, how you move, your mindset, your attitude and how you understand your opponent. During a fight, you can switch your mode during the round. You can choose the range you want to work on to confuse your opponent. You can start in the elusive range, and move to long range and switch to close range before going back to elusive mode again. Learn to play with it, and you will find out what works for you and against which types of Muay Thai opponents.

During Muay Thai Training, you can try to tackle tricky with aggressive, counter with tricky and aggressive with elusive and counter. This can work in the ring to corner fighters.

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