How to find the best Payment Gateway for Your Business

payment gateway integration services

Are you looking for best payment gateways for your business? Well, in this regard both payment-gateway and merchant-account are needed. On the other hand, selecting the best gateway is also a great necessity and this fact cannot be denied at all.

Working process of payment-Gateway:

  • Collection: Credit-card details of customers are being collected first.
  • Authentication: Shielded-link is being used for sending the collected info to your respective bank-account.
  • Authorization: Approved-sale is being notified so that you can make the delivery of ordered services or products.
  • Settlement: Your bank will verify transaction-data so that sale-money can be easily deposited into account. How faster you can receive your sake-amount absolutely depends on your payment-gateway.

Options of payment-gateways:

  • Payment-gateways: Trust Commerce, Payment Express, Authorize.Net and Brain tree.
  • Full-service payment-providers: Adyen, PayPal, Brain tree and Stripe.

Choosing right payment-gateway:

  • Payment acceptance: Mostly, merchant-accounts need to be set-up for the sake of avoiding complications in online-transactions.
  • Cost: In most of the cases, admin, transaction and set-costs combine the actual gateway charge in India. Monthly-fee should be $50 to 100, per-transaction 2% and set-cost is $600 to 900.
  • Receiving funds from sales: Money-settlement time is a great factor. You should choose such a payment gateway in India that offers quickest post-sale fund-settlement so that you can realize the money easily.
  • International payments: The gateway should offer multi currency or international payments having multiple-language interfaces. Check out that whether any merchant-account and additional fees are involved or not.
  • Security: Tokenization should be there and there should not be any compliant registered with PCI-DSS. On the other hand, offered screening-tools and fraud-protection are also being considered. Filter-option is really helpful for preventing unwanted or fake transactions online.
  • Support offered: Support-level needs to be determined for improving customer-experience. Responsive supports are only entertained especially e-mail support. Make sure that no additional fee is involved for making customer-care support.
  • Card-types accepted: Card-type accepted by gateways need to be known first especially in case you are inviting international payments. Some valuable ones are Discover, MasterCard, Amex, VISA, American Express and many more.
  • Automated-recurring payments: this is one of the finest facilities by means of which customers’ card-details are being stored effectively so that recurring charges can be automated easily.
  • Non-hosted or hosted payments: Hosted payments are not that very preferable like that of non-hosted ones. Customers often prefer sticking to the same retailer’s site rather than getting redirected to other’s site after payment.
  • Used with existing integrations: The gateway should get perfectly integrated with existing accounting solutions, shopping cart and current billing. Time can be saved along with convenient usage with easily integrated API.

Take Payments on Your Website Today? Contact Induji Technologies, which find the best payment gateways for your business as per your requirement. The advanced payment gateway is now approving collected sale-finds easily and this is the reason the retailers are receiving their money quickly without any interruptions. The above factors will definitely enable you in choosing the best gateway. It is not only about choosing best gateway-option but you also need to get the right provider of gateway.

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