How to Fix Ice Maker of Your Refrigerator?


Unarguably a refrigerator is the hardest working appliance at home, we can’t live without. There are time when the appliance stop making ice. In that case, it is advisable to contact an efficient ice maker repair service in Dallas. However, it might be possible that problem is small and you can fix it at your own. Here we are providing a list of some common parts of fridge so that you can easily make small repairs.

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Water fill tubes

Examine the ice maker mold if there are any ice cubes present. If there are very small cubes or no cubes, check the water fills system. Inspect the fill tube and cup area at the back of the ice maker ensuring that they have not got frozen. If there is any ice formation in that part, make sure that there is not any foreign objects hindering the flow of water into the fill cup. If you do not find any obvious thing causing ice buildup, check the inlet valve or tubing. Plus, examine the outlet tubing to the ice maker if it needs any replacement.

Ice and water filter

Ice and water filter removes debris and contaminants from water in your fridge. Most filters are manufactured from carbon and fabric filter. Over time, filter may become clogged, and thus water flow is reduced, and there is little or no ice left in the ice maker. If you will ask an ice maker repair in Dallas about this problem, they will recommend replacement of the filter in every six months.

Water inlet valve

Check if the flow inside the inlet valve is restricted. In such case, shut off the valve from household water supply before disconnecting the inlet tubing. Some inlet valves consist of screen to filter debris. If this screen is plugged, water flow will be hindered, and it will result in small or layered ice cubes. To solve this problem either clean the screen or replace the valve.

If you do not find any problem with water supply or ice buildup, it may be ice maker control that needs your attention. Besides, there are other parts also that may be not functioning properly. You make take help of installation instruction or videos to find out the exact problem. Otherwise take help of an ice maker repair service.

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