Flap Barrier Gate a new Generation of Pedestrian Access Control

Flap barrier

Flap barrier

In the field of physical security, access control is careful constraint for access to place. You need authorization to access the resource. Authorization is an agreement to use resource. There may be a barrier or fences to check out unauthorised person.  Nowadays there is excellent quality of access control system. These access control systems are most advanced and latest to keep your homes and office safe. Without any physical contact with flap barrier, you can access it and can save your time also. Flap barrier have a design to control the entry of person who is on foot. There are different types of models for pedestrian & handicapped person like RB-1, RB-2 etc. It provides a user friendly access control. With the help of this barrier, you can quickly access in office if you have appropriate permission. Flap barrier technology consists of two adjacent housing with a barrier panel for easy walkway.

Best method to control crowd at public places

Flap barriers are designed for identifying people and provide access only for authorised person or who have the appropriate permissions. This method is used for controlling crowd at public places. You can access the flap barrier with the help of cards or tokens. Metro stations as well as airports station use this technique. You cannot enter in metro station without the appropriate token or card. They use flap barrier techniques to avoid crowd condition and fight. There is better visibility in this technique on the basis of security.

This technique is also use in airport stations for safety purpose and to avoid crowd. Without any permission of authorised person you cannot access in airport station. Authorities use this flap barrier for both entry and exit.

Help in public and private sector Authorized permission

Flap barrier is designed for both public and private sector. Expert technicians specify the design and quality of flap barrier. In public sector, you can access with the help of token as well as cards and in private sector like private companies you can access with the help of company’s Id card. Its opening time is less than a second. It uses optical beams technique for safety purpose. Flap barrier has bi-direction control.  You can easily and quickly access in office. The barrier panel is only reacting with valid card and tokens, if you don’t have a valid card or token you can’t go inside.

Type of flap barrier systems –

  1. High speed system – These types of barrier used in malls. They swap the gates many times in minute with efficient manner.
  2. Low speed system – This type of barrier has low speed while swapping through the entry. You cannot use it in heavy crowd locations.
  3. Remote controlled system – The manufacturer have the remote access to the barrier gate. Without the owner permission, no one can enter in the site.
  4. Card accessed barriers – Most of the business enterprises use this barrier for security purpose. The person who has office’s ID card can only enter in the office.


  • Opening time of barrier is 0.5 seconds.
  • Inbuilt LCD screen.
  • After each entry automatic reset of barrier.
  • Double clipping function.
  • Way clearance 520 mm.
  • Bi-direction control.
  • Optical beam technique for safety purpose.
  • No limit switches.
  • Better visibility.
  • Quick and safe access control.
  • Mechanical anti-clipping function.
  • Adjustable time out delay

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