Flowers for Feng Shui enhancements

Several enhancements can be made to the home for promoting positive energy as well as to bring harmony and balance to individual life. A wonderful enhancement that can be made is to make use of fresh flowers. There are many people who are noticed to use fresh flowers filled in vases and kept in most of their rooms.

Excellent enhancers

Fresh flowers according to the Feng Shui experts are considered to be wonderful home enhancers. They can help revitalize chi flow around the space. Moreover, fresh flowers are considered to be good always. However, stale flowers may create that negative impact of the health of the residents and hamper their comfort and well-being. In such a case, it will be better to have original flowers to be substituted with silk artificial flowers. However, opinion seems to be divided if dried flower arrangement is to be used for enhancing the home energy or not. It can be more of a personal choice. Some may prefer dried flowers which may symbolize eternity, placed with love and intention, thus acting as wonderful enhancements to the personal space. One can plan to deliver flowers in Jaipur to the beloved one to improve his/her fortunes.

Feng Shui guidelines to follow to get proper balance flow and support of Chi

Whatever is selected to be followed, it is necessary to understand that to derive optimum benefits, the flowers are to be placed with proper intention. They are to be watered correctly and changed regularly. Dead leaves are to be discarded every now and then and if flowers die out, they are to be replaced immediately.

·         Flower shape: Flowers with rounded and soft leaves and heads help easy and natural flow of energy around the home. They can prove to be beneficial if harmony and balance is desired in the interior space. Flowers having spiky heads as well as leaves like gerbera, lilies, gladioli are undoubtedly great to be placed in those neglected and dark areas of the home. They help stimulate stagnant chi and ensure movement of energy.

·         Match flower colour the home bagua area: Colours are to be bagua area’s representatives, where they are to be placed. Hence, in knowledgeable areas, hyacinths and blue irises can be placed. Poppies and red tulips in wealth area, ferns, and bamboo in family area, etc. only single or dual colours are to be used for display purpose, if positive chi is to be promoted. Riot of colours in the vase, although visually stunning may not create that unwanted jarring note, thus leading to disharmony and conflict.

·         Flower scent is more powerful when compared to its sight: The more sweet and strong is the flower scent, the more is noticed the benefits. It promotes healthy and strong chi Flowers that are strong scented are said to be wonderful home enhancers. Such flowers are lavender that is considered to be just fabulous for the health area of the home including that of freesias, roses and sweet peas.

In short, the flower when well selected can make a huge difference to the moods of the family at home. It is wise to go for anniversary cake order online and enjoy fabulous discounts.

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