Flowers to keep the wedding anniversaries interesting even after 10 years

After a decade of anniversaries, gifting becomes casual, and the usual heart-shaped box of chocolates seems, well, predictable. While, the default for any romantic occasion, red roses are becoming more expected. So, how to give it a twist and surprise, delight and amaze your better half on your 11th, 12th, 13th to 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th wedding anniversary? Well, simply with the help of an age-old custom that people have been following to surprise and impress there loved ones. One of presenting her with a different flower for each anniversary.

If you are amongst those who have given a red rose to their partners diligently and dutifully on every anniversary thus far, you have been doing it all wrong. Online flower delivery Chennai has prepared for you a list to help you decide which flower you should give on the next anniversary year and also learn a little more about the reasons and the facts behind this all in the process.

Morning glory – for the 11th anniversary

Morning glory is not just a lovely flower, but it also has a message to deliver to the married couple, i.e. ‘take each day, one at a time’. This flower is known to have one of the shortest lifespans, and it can be seen in a lot of different colours white, red, blue, purple, and yellow. They are aptly named as morning glory as they bloom in the morning, soaks in the sunshine and dies by the afternoon.

Peony – for the 12th anniversary

Peony is said to represent good fortune and a happy marriage. The flower is named after the physician of the Greek Olympian gods. It is available in a variety of shades like red, white and yellow, a peony in full bloom is the ultimate representation of romance and prosperity.

Hollyhock – for the 13th anniversary

Hollyhock represents fertility and abundance. These are in great demand as ornamental garden plants, and hollyhocks can be found in various colours – vivid mauve, pink or yellow and make for a very pleasing bouquet. These flowers can be found throughout the historical times, from stone age burial grounds to ancient Rome.

Dahlia – for the 14th anniversary

Dahlia is considered a symbol of dignity and elegance – just like a marriage that has weathered all the storms with dignity and strength for the past 14 years. Thay can be seen throughout the history being praised and admired by people of all different culture.

Rose – for the 15th anniversary

Rose is one of the very rare flowers that have captivated the human race from the start. It is considered the flower of romance from the early ages, and rose is one of the earliest flowers known to humanity. It represents love, hope and passion. There are many colours of roses that you can give to your loved ones, each one of them has a different meaning to them and should be given according to that. There should be no doubt here as to which colour rose your wife deserves.

Aster – for the 20th anniversary

Like most flower names aster also comes from the ancient Greek language, the word for star. Just like the meaning of the flower celebrate all the bright spots of your marriage with a new and refreshing bouquet or an arrangement of beautiful aster. The aster flower is considered to be delicate and sophisticated. The soft beauty of the flower can be compared to the wisdom you have gained over the past two decades of your marriage. Sending aster to your better half will send her the message that how much you appreciate her and the time that you have spent with her.

Iris – for the 25th anniversary

This is a big day in anyone’s life as they have spent a quarter-century with their better half, it is quite apparent to spend it in style and what better than the gorgeous iris. The iris is considered to be a royal flower, and it was mostly presented to the royalty back in the day. Present your spouse with a stunning bouquet of fresh irises and make it clear to her that she still is royalty to you.

lily – for the 30th anniversary

With time your marriage grows and changes with you, you are not the same person that you were 30 years back. You have faced life head on and been together through thick and thin your commitment to each other has not altered. So why not celebrate the occasion of completion of 3 decades of your marriage with a beautiful arrangement of lilies. Lillies will make a bold statement to your spouse that even after 30 years there is still a strong sense of adventure and passion burning within you.

In the end

These are best anniversary flowers which you can give to your loved one to make them feel special, and these flowers also symbolise things that you might need to convey. Order a beautiful bouquet of these flowers today and surprise them with flower delivery in Pune.

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