Four Essential Tips for the Practical Bride

Planning a wedding is not exactly the easiest thing to do in the world. The logistics of throwing one are never quite the same, and there is no straightforward way to ensure everything goes perfectly as planned. On top of that, there are monetary constraints you have to keep in mind which significantly limits your creative freedom in having the dream wedding you have always wanted. In this regard, it would come as no surprise that the most stressed person in the entire planning stage would be the bride. Seeing as she would meticulously want every aspect of her wedding to be perfect, the bride would be handling most of the decision-making.

However, the practical bride would not only be able to handle everything well under pressure, but she would also manage to stay in budget and come up with novel and contemporary ideas for her wedding. From choosing among innumerable wedding services packages to planning a wedding menu, she would be able to get through this all with minimal to no stress at all. This is not to say that she would do it all by herself sans any assistance of any kind, but she would be able to manage it all within a reasonable timeframe. In any case, here are some indispensable tips for the practical bride:

1.)    Start planning as soon as possible

This should go without saying, but if you are planning to throw a big elaborate wedding, then it is best if you planned as early as possible. When you are newly engaged, you may want to spend the first few months basking in the bliss of your newfound euphoria. However, even just having a general overview of what you want to happen can be incredibly helpful as it would aid you in refining details later into the planning stage. In the early stages of the planning phase, you may want to have a rough headcount of the guests you want to invite and take a gander at some wedding themes you may want to utilize in your own wedding. These are tasks that are not in any way arduous but would potentially save you a lot of time in the future when you are already fine-tuning details.

2.)    Stand your ground

Regardless of what kind of family or friends you have, there will always be that one particular aunt, friend or even mother who would try to dictate how your wedding goes. The closer they are to you, the more leverage they seem to think they have. Although they are acting with your best interests at heart, remember that at the end of the day, this is your wedding and not theirs. Go for what you want and if they truly mean well, they will be supportive and would not be offended. If they persist, remind them that this is your wedding and that they have already had their big day (or will have theirs soon), so there is no use in pushing their ideas and wishes to you.

3.)     Plan a budget in advance

Months before your scheduled wedding, it is best if you already consulted your partner as to how much you both are willing to spend for your wedding day. In fact, it would be ideal to have a budget set up way in advance so that you would have an idea what is possible and what is not for your wedding. Take note that your budget plays an integral role in your wedding planning. Without it, you are grasping at straws thinking you would be able to pull off an aspect in a wedding only to be disheartened that it does not fit your budget.

4.)    Research blackout dates to avoid

Knowing when to celebrate your big day is paramount to complete wedding guest attendance. Furthermore, it ensures that you do not have to pay a premium just to celebrate your big day. When you have a day slated for your wedding, you are not only choosing when to say your I do’s, you are also choosing a date where most of your relatives can come and witness you become from a Miss to a Missus. Research wedding blackout days, have tentative and contingency dates and select the best one.

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