Fun Juggling Games You Must Try


Juggling, be it done individually or in the group, keeps the participant(s) engaged and highly active. Group juggling is even capable of keeping 15-20 people involved at a time. Here, we are telling you about some fun juggling games which are packed with a high dose of entertainment and fun.

Group juggling

Group juggling is best played outdoors or indoors in a large, open area. You will need some props for this which include, tennis balls, soft balls, led glow poi balls, rubber toys, or stuffed animals.

The game is started by forming a large circle with every person facing the center. All start tossing the balls across the circle to another person, calling the name of the person at the same time. The other person catches the ball, pick someone else, shout his/her name and toss the ball. Play continues with one ball until all the persons are covered. The fun part begins after addition of more objects and balls in the game which create chaos.

Diabolo games

Players stand in a row at one end of an open place or hall. A basket or box is placed at the opposite end. Players attempt to throw the diabolo’s in the box. If nobody gets it in, everyone takes the second attempt.

Juggling club games

All jugglers stand in a row at one end of a hall with their partners facing them and standing opposite to them. At the blow of the whistle, the juggling is done between the two partners. The aim is to test the farthest distance from the partners. The game needs practice and can be played with anything (balls, rings), you are the best juggling with it.


The call of a gladiator is a group juggling game where every participant starts hitting their clubs together. The main idea is to use whatever means available to keep juggling and at the same time trying to stop other opponents from doing so (without causing any harm). The last person left doing juggling will be a winner. Great safety is needed while playing this game.

Endurance games

Endurance competition is done by testing the ability of participants who keep 5-7 balls cascading to the farthest and longest amount of time. Usually, during such convention, world records are attempted to be broken, and experienced jugglers take part in it.

There are wide varieties of juggling games and the scope of discovering new ones is also limitless.

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