Future Satellite Broadband Technology by ViaSat to Arrive By 2019

The world of today doesn’t need to rely on light bulbs or room-sized machines to process information or provide you with connectivity. The user of today wants more than just results. They want results and quality at the same time. People are looking for innovation in internet technology which provides them with a better experience. Their services perceive to keep users connected. They offer fast speeds, more devices and more of everything. Service providers have been working on this for quite some time now. It is a belief that they can provide users with more than the above-mentioned amenities. Let’s have a look at one of the hottest topics of discussion in the world of tech and gadgets.

There is a lot of news hovering recently about the broadband satellite provider named as ViaSat. They claim to have slated one of the amazing breakthroughs in the broadband industry. ViaSat is set to provide the first next-gen communication satellite that can provide connectivity of about 1 TB/sec by the year 2019. It also claims that the first 2 satellites are manufacturing. Boeing is said to have been assisting the cause alongside with ViaSat. The first 3 satellites are going to be named ViaSat 3. It is predicted to deliver a bandwidth of around 100 Mbps and a bandwidth that is more than that as far as the residential internet is concerned. This will bring a superior quality Wi-Fi technology to a wide population. This will vary to a user base of more than a billion people who connect to the internet yet. Thus, a new market for of new internet users will be created. So what is included in the package for users who would want to enjoy such amazing connectivity?

More Capacity

Upon launching this service, the first two satellites will be able to provide a capacity of network connectivity. It will be twice the network capability that is offering today. This is going to be servicing around 400 commercial communication satellites hovering in space today. The company claims that every Viasat-3 satellite will be capable to provide services of about 1 terabit per second. This is way too much for users who connect to the internet using different high-end services like Mediacom or cox internet services. So this is something that is superior and great about this upcoming breakthrough in the world of internet.

More Coverage

In the Americas and the European continent, this service is going to be the first of its kind to provide services. The first three satellites will be used to provide services upon launching. The reason being, these are the most developed regions in the world. These are the leaders as far as the economy is concerned and have the will and capacity to pay for the service. Europe, Middle East, and the African regions or EMEA will follow these in the second phase. A third satellite will provide coverage to the Asia-Pacific region.

The Target Market

ViaSat-3 will make it possible for users with the capacity to provide HD quality video streaming capabilities. The target audience will not be limited to the developing nations that need the internet to progress and don’t have adequate internet connectivity only. This will include regions of the world that need remote access to the internet as well. For instance, the plane hovering in the air during a flight can use a 100 Mbps internet connectivity during their flights. The services offered will not be restricted to a certain type of activity or a plane type. The Airline industry is much interested to provide their customers with more connectivity and speeds. This will provide a more amazing experience during a flight. This will increase the passenger’s expectation towards the airline company and the user experience they offer. This will open doors for explorers, maritime, the oil and gas industry to use the fastest internet. In the future.

The future of the internet is all set by ViaSat’s high-speed internet connectivity and would ensure a great future for the industry to flourish. At the same time, this will open doors for many possibilities like life in the desert and far-off islands. This makes it possible for nations of the world, can create more opportunities and would excel in the industry. Satellite internet is helpful in every aspect, no matter what the local is. This technology brings more competition in the market and other internet service provider companies will definitely adopt new technology or make innovation in their present satellite technology for better user experience and to survive in the market. There are numbers of large ISP companies that will take interest to launch the same type of technology in the future which may be Xfinity communications, AT&T internet providers, Cox internet Communications, Charter Communications. These companies are covering all the major states and cities of the United States and provide internet access for the business and residential purpose.

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