Generate More Leads By Designing Email Marketing Template Like This!


No doubt technological advancements have changed the landscape of marketing be it offline or online.

In the era of digital marketing, many businesses experiment different techniques for lead generation from landing page optimization to email marketing.

Talking about marketing through emails, it is highly effective at generating leads. Conversions through emails are 3x higher3x higher than social media.

Let’s take a glance at the following striking information for email marketing.

  • E-commerce customers who receive multiple emails for cart abandonment are 2.4 times more likely to complete the purchase than those receive only one or two follow up email. (Source: Experian)
  • 72% of customers sign up for emails to get discount benefits, so emails are helpful in generating leads. (Source: ResultFirst)
  • Email with personalized messages had an open rate of 18.8% as compared to 13.1% without any personalization. (Source: Statista)
  • Talking about top 10 email clients, Apple iPhone leads with 33% of market share, followed by Gmail at 19%. (Source: Litmus)
  • A survey by Constant Contact revealed 49% of small business owners do not use email marketing data to assist with their campaigns because they do not know where to begin. (Source: Constant Contact)

Having said that, generating leads through email marketing is not a cakewalk because, there are several things that you need to consider including the subject line, title, design, content, tone, and presentation.

A good mailer might lead to a lead and bad one might just end up in multiple unsubscribes. Designing a mailer is one if the trickiest parts of email marketing. A catchy subject line, a design that draws attention at the right place, content that excites, and all of it in as less time as possible make it a tricky task.

The only way to overcome all these challenges is to use email marketing templates. You can get them online or create one for your email marketing campaigns.

Though designing a perfect email marketing template is not a low-hanging fruit, but it’s not rocket science either.

This post further explains what an ideal email template should have to work as a lead magnet.

#1. Title aka Subject-Line

Subject-line is the most crucial part of an email marketing template. It is something that can make or break your email marketing campaign for lead generation. So, it should be inspiring! Otherwise, users may delete or mark your email as spam immediately. The title of your email should sound relevant to make you target audience say, “yes, this is what I was looking for.”

Infiltrating someone’s inbox with your message requires decency. So, keep this point in your mind very clear that you need to be very polite.

create awesome subject lines

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Here are some ideas that you can follow to create awesome subject lines.

  • Make your audience clear who sent the email because busy customers do not bother at looking emails from an unknown entity until they have heard the name.
  • Use authentic voice and keep subject line as natural as you can.
  • Put yourself into user’s shoes to maintain relevancy. It helps you increase the open rate of your emails.
  • If possible, try to personalize subject line and keep its length to 50 characters or less.

#2. Compelling Content

Content reigns when it comes to email marketing. It is your message that must be reached to your target audience. So, you have to be very cautious on how you reveal your offer. However, the one big mistake that many marketers do is they keep tone too much salesy. The fact is users get irritated with product-centric tone. Avoid it!

Keep your tone natural, authentic, and buyer-centric. The content should have the element that first educates and then persuades buyers.

You can follow these tips:

  • Initial sentences are crucial because it decides whether the user will pay attention to your entire email or not. So, put the key information in the first sentence or two to connect them and give an idea what the entire email is all about.
  • Keep sentences short, crisp, and to-the-point to make it engaging.
  • Keep paragraphs of maximum 2 or 3 sentences to make it readable.

I love this simple welcome email from Handy.

Compelling Content

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#3. Contact & Unsubscribe Details

Users hate receiving emails that don’t include contact or unsubscribe details. Even if you accidentally forget to include your contact or unsubscribe details, it can create a negative impression on the minds of your target audience.

Many organizations prefer to mention contact details clearly at the top or bottom of their email marketing templates. So, while designing your email marketing template, make sure you include these details.

Apart from it, do provide unsubscribe details to let your customer unsubscribe if they do not want to receive any promotional emails further. It helps you keep your database clean because this way you will have a list of customer who might be interested in your products or services.

Check out the examples below

promotional emails

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#4. Clear CTAs

CTAs are the most critical part of every email marketing templates. It is a place where your customers take action. CTAs usually take the audience to the place where they can be asked to fill a form, buy a product, provide a feedback, or verify email account.

If the sole purpose of your marketing campaign is to generate leads, try to make CTAs memorable.


Four things about CTAs are important to remember while designing email marketing template.

  • Color – Use color psychology to make it appealing. For instance, you can use red color to create urgency.
  • Size – Once customers get convinced, they immediately search CTA to take action. So, make it visible enough.
  • Position– Position where you communicate values. It helps customers build up confidence and take action once they get ready.
  • CTA Text – It should be clear, crisp, and encouraging.

make CTAs memorable

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#5. Social Sharing Options

Including social sharing options is a smart trick to spread the word. Thus, always allow your customers to forward your emails to their friends. When you provide social sharing options, you increase the chances of getting your content shared on different social media platforms.

It is important because not all customers will take action on your emails, but if they know someone else who can, all they need to have is social sharing options. So, don’t forget to include social sharing options while designing emails marketing templates.

social sharing options in emails

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#6. Clean and Consistent Layout

Email marketing templates should have an enticing design because the layout is equally important as content. It is the way of presenting your information. If it looks messy, greater it will have the chance of rejection.

You can follow the tips as mentioned below to create an enthralling design for email marketing template.

  • Include your company’s logo and stick to your color scheme for clear and consistent branding. It helps you connect your audience with your brand immediately.
  • Prefer to keep your design clean because it looks more appealing than the cluttered ones. Meaningful content in a clean design is the key to persuading your audience for lead generation.
  • Make sure the template you are designing should be mobile optimized because ignoring mobile audience is not a good idea.

Check out the examples below for inspiration

enthralling design for email marketing template

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Over to You

Things that are mentioned above are the ingredients of a high-performing email marketing template. So, if you want to make the most out of your email marketing campaigns, the first and the foremost thing you need is a selection of powerful email marketing templates.

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