Get a Clear Picture about Star Ruby Gemstone


The sizzling and captivating Ruby is a stone known for nobility and considered as the most magnificent gems of all, the queen of stones and the stone of kings. Ancient people believe that it surpassed all other precious stones in quality, and its value exceeded than that of the Diamond.

Star Ruby – History and Introduction

Star ruby gemstone is a rare variety of ruby that displays asterism. This six-rayed star shimmers from all over the surface when it is moved. The starry effect is owed to aligned needle-like rutile inclusions which are responsible for its silky shine and attracts many human eyes. In appearance Ruby is dull and greasy, but when it is cut and polished its luster is comparable to beautiful diamond. Ruby gemstone is classified as the red form of gem-quality whereas all other color varieties of corundum are referred as sapphire. Owing to its superior hardness combined with rich color and silky shine, the fine quality ruby is classed as one of the “precious” stones, in line with diamond, emerald, and sapphire. In reality, Ruby gets its name from the Latin word ‘ruber,’ which represents red.

Identifying Star Ruby

Star ruby gemstone can usually be distinguished by it’s pleochroic, which means that the color varies according to the viewing angle. The six-rayed-star effect shimmers like the best from the surface of the stone when seen in daylight.


There are many rubies are fluoresce having long or short wave UV light which can often be used to help in identifying a stone and its geographic origin. Burmese ruby gemstones often fluoresce so strongly that the effect is noticeable under sunlight, and it literally glows with great beauty. Thai stones do lack this property.

Benefits of Star Ruby

Star Ruby gemstone has the capability to protect the wearer from numerous upcoming dangers that can cause harm to the evil eye, misfortunes, accidents, envy and negative energies. Star Ruby also helps in curing sleeping disorders, amnesia, hysteria, stress, depression, and migraine.

Which Star Ruby Can Be Beneficial To Buy?

The weight of the Star Ruby gemstone in karats should resemble up to 1/10 of your body weight in kgs. For instance, 60kg weight equals to 6 karat Star Ruby. Also, the Star pattern should be clearly visible when you are buying.


Qualities of good Star Ruby

  • Opaque (non-transparent)
  • A clear star radial pattern

Buying Star Ruby and Determining the Value

Star Ruby Color

Star ruby gemstones own pinkish to orangey or purplish and brownish-red color, depending on their chromium and iron content. The most looked-for color is the “pigeon’s blood,” which is a pure red with a hint of violet or blue. The distribution of color is often seen as uneven in the form of strips or spots.

Closing Lines

So, before or while buying Ruby gemstone, remember these points that show similar gestures to the explained features.

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