Get An Edge Over Others With These Top Digital Marketing Certifications now

The modern digital marketers are expected to wear different hats including copy writing, sales, digital media, analytics & creative direction. This is possible of course, you can become an expert via going through digital marketing certificationsor training programs. The top digital marketing certifications will strengthen you with learning structure, mentorship & plenty of opportunities to network with like-minded people which is essential for a budding marketer. If you want to stay competitive, then you gotta upgrade your digital marketing skills constantly. Let us take a look at the digital marketing certifications that we have handpicked from around the world in order to achieve a successful career in the field of digital marketing.

  • Sales force Certified Marketing Cloud Social Specialist course is specially designed for those who can showcase their knowledge, experience & skills with the help of Social Studio in the social media for management & analysis of conversations as well as for post creation. The total cost for the course is $200 for the first time & $100 for retaking the test. To maintain the certification you have to take a maintenance exam yearly. There will be sixty multiple choice questions which you have to complete within 90 minutes. The minimum passing score is 67% which is required to obtain the certification.
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification can give an extra edge over others which you need. This certification helps the digital marketers to differentiate themselves with a better understanding of Facebook advertising. Those who will take this course will obtain expertise in the Facebook family of products & services. This is one of the most rigorous & reliable measures of Facebook. The exam is specially designed to measure the advanced-level competency meticulously for the job roles.
  • Hootsuite Social Marketing Certifications are one of the digital marketing certifications in social media. Hootsuite is constantly building & revising curriculum based on the cutting edge trends in the industry. This is one the top certification programs to advance your career fast in the social media sector today. Since 2011, 60,000+ people have enrolled in their on-demand courses. People who are just getting started in social media or seeking to expand their knowledge base should consider taking their on-demand certifications & programs which features best practice & tips from educators, brands & platforms.
  • Now you can become a Twitter Marketing Expert with Twitter Flight School. This course teaches you how you can enhance your brand’s presence on Twitter easily by doing the right things to drive sales. The program consists of a range of topics which includes how to launch products in Twitter in the most effective way, how to create a buzz for your products & services along with how to engage your audience quickly. It provides a lot of presentations with campaign ideas along with a host of other useful tips which will make you professional in no time.

Getting certified from the top digital marketing institutes gives you a boon by showcasing the fact that you truly understand the industry which is important for recruiters.

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