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Parenting is really a tough task. It is a great responsibility for couple as a parent to raise healthy children who are physically fit and sound and morally upright with high personal values and strength of character. Children like to copy their parents or follow their teachers and set them as their role models. Parents in order to help their children make holistic progress and all round development have to practice what they preach and make sacrifices at times for the same.

Blogging is a popular way to express and share your experiences with others. The blogs that describe the passion of bloggers such as those of cooking, photography, travel and home decoration can be quite informative. Family Blogs UK guide other readers and help them gain valuable insights and experiences in parenting and lifestyle that would facilitate them improve the quality of their lives.










Let’s Talk Mommy is a popular lifestyle and parenting blog started by Jenny—that has won the Best Family Fun Blog MADS 2015 and the Best Schooldays Blog in the MAD Blog Awards in 2016.  Jenny after her marriage with a British person came to UK from the West Coast of the USA settled here as an expat. She started this family blog UK after the birth of her second child in order to share her experiences of everyday life, family fun and adventure as well as her parenting and lifestyle thoughts with all her family and friends back in the US. This not only keep her occupied at times when she felt homesick but also enabled her to make some real life or close friends, some of whom were expats too.

Having written her first novel ‘When Love & Culture Collide’, Jenny loves baking, photography, interior decoration and crafting. What make her Family Travel Blogs UK truly interesting and appealing one is the way they are written along with the beautiful snapshots and videos taken during family tour to different countries during summer vacations. Whether you want to promote your brand or invite Jenny to be your brand ambassador or write reviews, sponsored posts or guest posts then you can feel free to get in touch by clicking on the link

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