Getting Emotional After Plastic Surgery – Tips on Getting Through the Roller Coaster

Plastic Surgery

A survey shows that 1 of every 5 women think about getting plastic surgery procedure. Although the decision to have plastic surgery is personal but is equally contagious. And it is also emotional, pre-op and post-op both as many aspects of the face or body are to or have changed. From the start, a lot of thought goes into the surgery preparation including research and meeting surgeons for understanding the procedure.  These preparations can also lead into pre-operative state of mind with emotions.

While pre-op emotions storm in, you will have various emotional stages even after the procedure. It is very important to maintain close communication with the surgeon as he should be the biggest help then. According to American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, emotions take over the individual in a number of steps but during the first week or two, “Why have I done to myself?” “I don’t recognize myself; did I make the right decision?”

The patients who come to Crispin Plastic Surgery Centre for facelift in Atlanta claim for significant bruising and swelling after the procedure, surgeons say. They are often seen upset in the first week, but after the end result, the smile and confidence is tremendous. It’s the job of a good surgeon to prepare the patient ahead of times and take care of the emotional trauma afterwards. Patients undergoing rhinoplasty also get quite emotional after the casting comes off as they have a new nose starring at them in the face.

Remember that getting emotional after plastic surgery is completely normal and it will take time for any procedure to heal and recover and adjust. As long as you are aware of the procedure, the pre-op fears, the after affects and you’re well guided, you will pure happiness and joy. Here’s our detail article on how to get through the roller coaster ride with confidence.

Emotions Following Plastic Surgery – Tips on Getting Through the Emotions during Recovery

So, what are the most common most feelings that patients experience after plastic surgery? – The reality is, following any significant event in your life, including surgical procedure, you will experience different emotions. Cosmetic or plastic surgery is no different in this regard as well. Since there is almost no activity during the healing period, the changing of emotions will feel more intense and strong than effects of other events.

So whether the procedure involves minor recovery or a major one, you will certainly experience various emotions. However, it should be helpful if you can remember that the emotions will be shared with a great number of patients going through the process.

How Can You Go Through the Emotional Trauma?

Understand that these post-op emotions will be normal for the post-surgery recovery period. But always keep your surgeon connected as sometimes certain emotions can feel too much to handle. In case you suffer from anxiety or depression before your surgery, it’ll be wise to tell your surgeon so they assist you accordingly.

Here are the things you need to keep in mind for BEFORE and AFTER the surgery:

  • Your body will go through various physical changes as your start the recovery period
  • Due to this your emotions will change
  • Before the end result, you will find yourself questioning your decision
  • Such emotions will also overtake if you have waited long enough for the change to happen
  • It should help if you can talk to someone who has gone through the surgery
  • Find some quiet time for yourself to thinks things over
  • Professional and support from family and friends should seem helpful from disappointments, emotional traumas, and will also ensure proper healing

Remember to Choose Your Support Team for Post-Op

When family support is not fully available and does not understand why you chose the procedure, they can also be a part in yourself questioning and negative emotions.

It’s OK to Be Worried

Consider the example of a job interview or an exam where you will feel anxious and worry and stress unless you see the result. Anxious to know if you passed or failed and whether you’ll be chosen or not over other applicants. Questioning yourself if you did everything right, what if you had said otherwise?

Similar Scenarios Can Take Place during the Post-Op Recovery

Questioning during surgery is absolutely normal – asking your surgeon – whether everything went according to the expectations. The questioning will get you prepared to most extent but there will be a time when you will forget most of the asked expectations.

You might spend some time frightening yourself by visiting some negative sites of consumers. So, rather along with your research and study, talk to your surgeon and clear your doubts. Also, do check if your surgeon is compatible with you for future and present sessions.

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