Gift Liver Benefits of Curcumin in Hepatitis A which Reduces Inflammation & Stops Viral Growth

Liver filters blood from harmful compoundsas it detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs. Hepatitis A is an infection of liver with Hepatitis A Virus (HAV). Well-known spice turmeric lowers the risk of this infection due to its active ingredient curcumin. Curcumin in Hepatitis A acts both as preventive and restorative agent for the liver.

Curcumin in Hepatitis A lowers the risk of infection as being a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral compound. Curcumin in Hepatitis A reduces inflammation which in turn decreases the instances of severe infection leading to fatal conditions. You must include turmeric in your daily intake to reduce oxidative stress in liver cells by using the effects of Curcumin in Hepatitis A.

Key Facts about Hepatitis A:

  • HAV can be transmitted through contaminated food or water or through direct contact with an infectious person.
  • Hepatitis A is the most prevalent type of liver infection.
  • Once infected with HAV, gives you lifelong immunity.
  • Poor living standards such as lack of safe water and poor sanitation and hygiene give rise to incidences of Hepatitis A.
  • Thankfully, a safe and effective vaccine is available.

Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis A

  • Abdominal pain/discomfort.
  • Low grade fever.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Dark urine.
  • Tiredness and fatigue.
  • Pale or clay colored stools.
  • Yellow skin and eyes typical of jaundice.

Though hepatitis A does not cause long term liver damage but in several extreme cases, hepatitis A can lead to liver failure.

Role of Curcumin in Hepatitis A:

A well working liver cleans the blood, helps digest food and takes part in immunity. Liver is a bit of a bodily superhero–It has the power to regenerate when damaged, replacing old tissue with new cells. But for this action, liver requires healthy cells and freedom from any kind of infection.

Turmeric’s active compound, Curcumin in Hepatitis A protects liver from damage and supports cell regeneration.

Curcumin in Hepatitis A fights against the HAV and other associated factors leading to enhanced protection against liver damage in Hepatitis and further deterioration of liver function. Curcumin in Hepatitis A also multifold its function improves gallbladder health and functioning.

However, turmeric contains only about 1-3% of curcumin and when ingested gets flushed out of the body by liver. Due to poor solubility and permeability, curcumin fails to get absorbed from our gut and whatever fraction gets absorbed by pre-mixing curcumin with other substances like piperine gets metabolized and inactivated by Liver First Pass metabolismattributing to the phenomenon of poor bioavailability of curcumin.

Hence, SNEC 30 (Self-nano emulsifying curcumin 30 mg) has been scientifically co-developed by Arbro Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd, DRDO (Defense Research & Development Organization), and Jamia Hamdard University in collaboration with DST (Department of Science & Technology, GOI). There is US Patent for the technology used in SNEC 30.

SNEC30 uses Self Nano-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SNEDDS) which makes the properties of Curcumin to multifold.  The technology helps curcumin to achieve maximum concentration in blood (Cmax) several times more compared to its’ closest rival.  Self nano-emulsifying curcumin used in SNEC30 acts fast with lower doses without causing any adverse effects.

SNEC30 for Hepatitis A

  1. A Hepato-Protective Agent:

SNEC 30 works as a liver protective agent as Curcumin in Hepatitis A protects the liver from toxicity and diseases and ensures its proper functioning. SNEC 30 acts in the following ways to be considered a Hepato-protective agent:

  • Reduces fat accumulation in liver cells.
  • Protects from drug toxicity and age related changes due to anti-oxidant properties.
  • Anti-inflammatory propertyprotects from liver inflammation.

SNEC 30 prevents the activation of nuclear factor-kB and production of pro-inflammatory chemicals and reduces inflammation in Hepatitis A.

  1. Stops Progression of Liver Damage:

Due to infection by HAV, liver cells are compromised by inflammation which gives rise to oxidative stress leading to damage of liver cells. Oxidative stress is the most important biomarker of liver diseases.Chemically reactive species called reactive oxygen species cause tissue damage and cell death.

SNEC 30’s anti-oxidant activity is very strong as Curcumin in Hepatitis A acts by:

  • Increasing anti-oxidant enzymes in liver
  • Scavenging reactive oxygen species (ROS)
  • Curcumin prevents lipid peroxidation in which essential fats of cells are oxidized leading to cell death.
  1. Prevents Multiplication and Growth of HAV:

SNEC 30 stops Hepatitis A Virus replication by reducing viral RNA expression, protein synthesis and virus titer. SNEC 30 also enhances body’s immune system and enables you fight against infections.

  1. Lowers Risk of Drug Induced Hepatitis:

Some over-the-counter drugs such as Paracetamol has been proven to be toxic for liver and kidney in case of overdose decreasing the anti-oxidant activity.

SNEC 30 exhibits potent anti-oxidant activity that restores liver cell functionality and improves overall health.

Dosage and Safety

Optimum dose is 1 capsule twice daily or as directed by the physician. Trials report very few, if any, adverse effects of SNEC 30 even at a high dose.


All the information on this site is for the purpose of general education and in no way can substitute the consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor.

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