Why You Should Go For All-Inclusive Hotels in Negril Jamaica?

Negril Jamaica is a beach city that used to be well-thought-out to be a quiet and non-developed fishing township. In the 1960’s, hippies used to go to the town of Negril to relax, hang out at nude beaches, as well as the party. As Negril’s reputation developed for its beauty, generous individuals, and incredible beach, resort businesses started to ripen Negril. At present, Negril, this once hidden Jamaican bliss, is a very popular destination amongst tourists all across the world and offers the best of both worlds.

Best of Both Worlds

No matter what you are eyeing for, Negril Jamaica has it all! Negril is situated on Jamaica’s famous stretch of 7-mile white sand beaches alongside crystal blue waters. You must have seen a lot of beaches in your travels, but Negril ranks up there with the top 5 across the world that I have had the chance to experience. The water is turquoise blue as well as crystal clear, the sand is soft and white, and it appears just like what you would imagine as a tropical paradise. So if you wish just to get away from it all and relax on a gorgeous tropical beach, Negril is the ideal place for you, and there are many great all-inclusive hotels in Negril Jamaica that have a great beach view and ambiance.

Shopping in Negril Jamaica

Of course, if you are looking for some great shopping or places to eat as well as visit, Negril has it all. You will undoubtedly find some exquisite authentic Jamaican products and coffee. After coming back from this market, you will come with a lot of bags.

Going into town

Going to the town is also an enjoyable experience as you can drive up into the mountains of Negril to get an aerial view of Negril.

Feeling Safe

All throughout Jamaica, you will always felt safe, and the people there were pretty friendly and warm at all times, not just the people at the resort, but wherever we went. I do think to have a tour that passes through an authorized tour company, certainly keeps your experience safe as well as enjoyable.

Ricks Cafe, and the Cliff Divers!

Do visit Ricks Cafe, which is one of the most famous bar/restaurants in the world. Opened in the early 70’s, Ricks has turned out to be famous for great drinks, reggae music, and particularly for its famous cliff diving. Individuals love to come to Ricks and dive off of the sea cliff there into the water. One fun trip that a lot of people do is they take a sundown catamaran cruise from their resort and then sail to Ricks Cafe. Then everybody swims to the cliff and climbs the stairway to eat, drink or dive.

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