Why is It a Good Time to Enrol for an Analytics Course?

Accommodating the second largest population in the world, India is bound to be a lucrative market for any business. As the country’s economy develops and the life expectancy of its people increases the market gets bigger and hence becomes an ever expanding subject for big data analytics. The Indian consumer base is something that a lot of companies around the world bank upon. They need to know what Indians are thinking, what their buying patterns are, how would they like to be served. Businesses need to predict the trend and guide the trend if need be. The Indian giant ventures as well as the small start ups are all counting on big data analytics to lift their businesses up the ladder.

A survey claims that an enterprise that integrates analytics in the business can grow 40% bigger than one that does not. Well, who does not want to apply this tremendously potent stream of technology? Everyone does. So, that is an opportunity for you to become a big data expert and there will be companies willing to pay you more than they will probably ever pay an IT professional. Yes, the 2017 salary report by Analytics India Magazine quite clearly shows that the data analysts and data scientists are getting paid 23% more than an IT professional with similar amount of experience. This is an average measure for sure but it definitely shows you the trend. So, if you pursue data analytics course in India you are pursuing the brightest career that India seems to have in stock at the moment.

India’s domestic analytics industry is in a far better shape now than it was in 2014. Nearly a thousand service providers are actively working in the Indian analytics scene and more companies are entering this domain every day. A lot of enterprises that dealt only with software development or web designing are also offering big data analytics service now. Big data is the big thing at the moment and it looks like things are going to stay that way for a while.

This is the best time to enroll for a data analytics course in India because heavy outsourcing to India is happening at the moment particularly in this industry. The number of domestic companies is also going up. The most encouraging fact is that the integration of big data analytics into the business is finally happening widely in India.

Apart from the industry leaders like flipkart, TCS, Mahindra and Mahindra, the small and midsized companies are creating analytics teams. They have understood the competitive value of big data analytics and they are acting add that value to their businesses. The Indian analytics industry is predicted to grow eightfold by 2020 from what it was in 2014. We can expect a huge shortage of skilled operators; you better get ready for the opportunities.

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