The Government’s Scholarship Portal: All Scholarships under one Umbrella

This Scholarship Portal is an initiative of government of India as a part of Digital India by the means of this portal, the information on every scholarship is made available under single head. This Portal is considered as one-stop solution with whose help various services which is starting from application of the student, receipt of application, processing of application, sanction of application and disbursal of various scholarships to students are being enabled. National Scholarships Portal is considered to be as Mission Mode Project under National e-Governance Plan which is NeGP.


National Scholarships Portal is considered to be as solution under a single head through which various services such as starting from application form of candidates, application receipt of the candidates, processing of application form, sanction of scholarship and disbursal of various scholarships to Students who are interested to get the scholarships are made available.
The initiative of this scholarship portal is to provide a Simplified, Mission-oriented, Accountable, Responsive & Transparent which is ‘SMART’ System for faster and effective disposal of applications for the scholarship and delivery of funds directly into beneficiaries account without any leakages.


The Mission Mode Project that is MMP of National Scholarships Portal under the National e-Governance Plan is aiming at providing common electronic portal for applying and implementing various Scholarships schemes which are launched by the Union Government, the State Government and the Union Territories across the country.


This system ensures timely disbursement of Scholarships to students who are being allotted with the scholarships. This system provides a common portal for various Scholarships schemes which are being launched by Central and State Governments. It helps in creating a transparent database of scholars who are interested to apply for the various scholarships. It also helps in avoiding the duplication in processing of scholarships as all the scholarship schemes are made available under a single head

It helps in harmonization of different Scholarships schemes and also provides norms, rules and regulations for applying the scholarship scheme.It also enables the application of Direct Benefit Transfer to the account of beneficiary



It is a simplified process for the students as all scholarships information is made available in one umbrella and there is single integrated application for all scholarships. It improves transparency as the system itself suggests the schemes for which a student is eligible and duplication of application forms can be reduced to the maximum extent. It helps in standardization as master data for Institutions and courses at all India level is maintained and scholarships processing is made easy and simplified

It also serves as a decision support system for ministers and departments as it provides up-to-date information which will be easily available in case of requirement. It is a comprehensive Management Information System which facilitates the monitoring in every stage of distribution of the various Scholarships that is from the registration of the students till the delivery of the funds to the candidates who are being allotted with the scholarships

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