Great ideas For Incorporating Glass Shelves In Your Space

Modern home design is characterized by the cool and clear lines and sleek textures. This is why glass has become a key element of contemporary home designs. But is it not an easy task to organize a home like decorating it. In this way, sleek glass shelves are a great choice for organizing and decorating a home. They nicely blend with any home decor and maximize the style and function. It is not just easy and simple, but you can also mix and match different options to fit your space. Consider these great ideas for incorporating glass shelves to update your space.

Incorporate Glass Shelves In Living Room

Glass shelves are the best way when it comes to decorating and organizing a living room. The simple and affordable floating glass shelves are perfect for displaying books, a favorite collection, accessories, painting or creative art.

  • Display Your Favorite Collection

Consider adding glass shelves on a blank wall or around a TV and show your favorite collection, books, magazine or decoration pieces to create a focal point in your living room. It is a great idea to organize a room like decorating it.

  • Add A Storage Doorway

If there is a huge door separating two rooms, then the great idea is to turn into some storage space. Add shelves and create a beautiful doorway and amazing place to place books, antique pieces, art work or more.

  • Decorate Window With Shelves

Where the space is limited and there is no space to add shelving then the best place is to add a floating shelf in front of a window. The custom-cut floating shelves are a simple and amazing way to add style and storage to any space. Add window shelves and decorate them with art pieces, glass bottles and plants to enliven your space.

  • Create A Gallery Wall

Choose a blank wall and install slim glass shelves to create a gallery wall. Show all your favorite collections, vases, antiques, paintings, decoration pieces, pictures and many other objects that add beauty in the room. If you don’t want to add floating shelves, you may choose a standing shelf.

Add Shelving In A kitchen

Floating glass shelves are perfect for adding style and storage space in a kitchen. These are some unique ways to incorporate shelving that maximize the function and space.

  • In A Narrow Corner or Wall

A narrow corner or a blank wall are the best places where you can add shelves. Add glass shelving to make a kitchen more airy and bright.

  • On the Top Of A Backsplash

Don’t neglect the backsplash area. In a tiny kitchen, incorporate shelving on the top of the backsplash to utilize your space. You can also put a shelf in between the countertop and upper cabinets to store frequently used items.

  • Hang on the Top of the cabinets

Adding a shelf on the empty above-cabinet area is a simple and easy way to decorate the space where you can show your beautiful dishes, paintings, frames or artwork.

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