The Growing Popularity of Studio Apartments in Gurgaon

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There were only a handful people who knew about Gurgaon a decade ago; but the Millennium city has experienced spurts of growth in the recent years and has become the real estate hotspot of India. When it comes to real estate in Gurgaon, people have access to a various properties within affordable rates. This includes duplexes, villas, apartments as well as luxury real estate projects in Gurgaon. However, people now prefer investing in studio apartments compared to other real estate properties.

The obvious question that arises is what leads to the immense popularity of studio apartments.

Popularity of Studio Apartment in Gurgaon

Studio apartments are one bedroom apartments which are provided with all the modern facilities. Studio apartments are a newer concept and have gained popularity in the recent years. The reasons why people are looking forward to invest in a studio apartment in Gurgoan are:


Studio apartments are the most affordable properties available in Gurgaon. This means people from all walks of life can invest in studio apartments. Moreover, since Gurgaon has a high concentration of young professionals, it becomes easier for them to maintain a smaller property.

Amenities and Facilities

Studio apartments are provided with all types of modern amenities and facilities; hence life becomes a lot easier. Both young couples and professionals can enjoy their life to the fullest while providing their family with all the luxuries of living in a high end complex.


Most studio apartments in Gurgaon are strategically located, hence the business centre, schools, colleges, recreational centres, and shopping areas are all located within close proximity. By investing in a studio apartment in Gurgaon people can have access to all the facilities that are required to make life easy and comfortable. Moreover the airport, railway station and bus depot can also be easily accessed.

Easy and Cheap Maintenance

Another important reason for the growing popularity of studio apartments is the low-cost maintenance. Maintenance is generally charged on a per-square feet basis; since the carpet area of studio apartments are smaller, the overall maintenance cost is quite lower compared to other types of properties. Moreover, cleaning is also easier.

Good Return on Investment

Studio apartments are ideal for short term stays; so by investing in one you can give out the apartment on rent. Young professionals look for short-term rental properties and studio apartments are the best fit for them. Owing to the growing popularity of studio apartments, you are sure to get good returns if you decide to sell the property after a few years. No matter which way you think, you are sure to get good return on investment.

Studio apartments are the smart way of living and the smart investors know what the best option for them is. therefore, if you want to invest in a smart, stylish and eco-friendly property, consider investing in a studio apartment in Gurgaon. However, make sure you invest in a property built by a reputed builder to get the best benefits.

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