GTA 7 Release Date: Are You As Eager For The New Game As We Are?

When it comes to action-adventure racing games, there are very few titles which can stand up to the popularity received by the GTA franchise. The very nature of the game ensures that the users who have played GTA once will hardly go back to any other racing game. Alongside role-playing and stealing cars, the other aspects of stealth and racing have ensured that the GTA series never gets old. We will talk about the GTA 7 release date here.

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One of the best things about the GTA series has always been the number and model of cars in the game: these cars, mostly sports cars, have often been the highlight of the games. So, a Cadillac is not a part of the GTA series; a Porsche is. While users are talking about the release date of GTA 6, which is likely to make landfall sometime later this year, we are already expecting that the release date of GTA 7 will be upon us very soon.

GTA 7 Release Date: When is it Coming?

More and more users and gaming enthusiasts have been asking exactly when the release date of GTA 7 game is. This is something that depends on a number of things. One of these factors is the success or the failure of the soon-to-be-launched GTA 6. Should the game fall flat on its face, it might be that Rockstar Games, which is the developer of the series, will ensure that the production cycle is shortened. This will ensure that whatever loss in revenue is incurred will be compensated.

The next factor which might affect the release date of GTA 7 is the factor of compatibility with the newer aspects of gaming, including the introduction of the VR gaming headsets. With the rise of gaming headsets by manufacturers including Oculus and Logitech, the former of which also makes VR headsets, it is of utmost importance that the game is VR compatible.

Also, any game, before it is released to the general public, the graphics must be taken care of. This takes considerable time and a lot of resources as well. Should all these go well and without hiccups, and assuming that the product cycle of the GTA games is consistent, it is probable that the GTA 7 release date will be sometime in 2020.

There will be more cars on offer as well. Besides cars, we also expect that the game will have more vehicles of all kinds in general. The mods in the GTA 5 also ensure that you can add even an F-16 Fighting Falcon, the M2A2 Bradley main battle tank or even the Lamborghini Aventador. These have made the games more enriching.

Wrap up

Although GTA 6 has not yet been announced, its probable sequel has already raised a number of hopes among fans. And chances are that we will see two games in the series launch at lesser intervals owing to the long hiatus after GTA 5. Hopefully, the GTA 7 release date will not exceed 2020. If it does, then a lot of gamers will be deeply disappointed.

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