How-to Guide for Becoming a Marketable Wedding Planner

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Wedding planners help brides handle every detail of their big days, and for your efforts, you’ll typically receive a percentage of the total cost of the wedding. You won’t get any money, however, if you don’t market yourself and find clients. So once you’ve gained experience as an assistant for another wedding planner or in another wedding industry role, how do you make that jump and become a marketable wedding planner?

Building Your Portfolio

As a wedding planner, it can help to show that you’ve been through training programs or even earned a business or related degree, but most brides won’t be confident enough to hire you until you can show them a portfolio of your work. If you goal is to some day work independently, build this portfolio while you working in a lower-level wedding job by taking on as many projects independently as you can. For example, handle the flowers for a wedding and take pictures of the results for your portfolio. You can also volunteer wedding planning services to those in your community who many be struggling but unable to afford a wedding planner.

Create a Presence Online

One of the ways to market your wedding planning services is to have a professional website that talks about your packages, lists your abilities as a planner, and includes pictures from your portfolio and testimonials from happy clients. More and more brides are doing their wedding planning online, so advertising there can really help you find new brides interested in your services. You can even start a wedding tips blog to attract people to your site.

Build Relationships in the Industry

If you want people to spread the word about your services, you need to do the same. Find some local cake shops, florists, caterers, venues, etc. and offer to work with them exclusively (or semi-exclusively) in exchange for client referrals. It’s a win-win situation. Industry organizations are also great for connecting with other business owners.

Attend Wedding Events

Lastly, make sure you attend industry events. Wedding expos happen year-round in most major cities. You can go as an attendee to meet business owners and build relationships, but for the best results, purchase a booth space to advertise your business. Collect information from brides who stop by and make sure to follow up after the event.

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