Guidelines for visiting Johor

johor visiting places

Johor is located in southern part of Malaysia and this is well renowned for its tourist attraction. Because of their ethnic beauty and features, they tend to grasp the attention of tourists all over the world. Even though there are various tourists attraction, Johor is often known for their beaches and resorts. People from different parts of the world tend to show interest in spending their vacation in these beaches and resorts. There are many people who consider this as the best place to get relaxed. This article will be a guide for people who are planning to visit Johor for their vacation.

Must visit places

Like other tourist spots, Johor is also supposed to have some must visit places which will take the travellers to the next stage of enjoyment and excitement. Knowing about these places in advance will help the visitors to make the travel plan accordingly. Museums are one of the most important attractive tourist spot in Johor. There are many world famous museums which include Bugis, Kite, Pineapple, Kota and many. Apart from museums, there are many places which are known for their natural beauty. Especially Kota Tinggi waterfalls are considered to be the top most priority of the tourists. The other natural spots which are also the choices of tourist include Aur island, Mount Lambak, Mount Pulai and many.


johor visiting places

There are also many religious places for the people of various religions. Especially there is more number of mosques which is always the best worship place for various tourists. The tourists who tend to visit Johor will never miss visiting their shopping malls. This is because the shopping malls of Johor will be very exclusive and also involves various famous products of Johor. Basically the travellers will show more interest in shopping the products which are influences the tradition of Johor. The tourists who are interested in entertaining their kids in the vacation can switch over their option to Danga Bay where they can find theme parks to entertain kids at the best.

Bus travel

Obviously all the tourists must experience the bus travel in Johor. The travel in these fine roads will help them to realize the pleasure of travelling. However, in most cases, people tend to choose the road transport while travelling from KLIA to Johor. As we all know KLIA is an international airport and hence people from various parts of world will gather land here to visit places nearby. Especially the number of travellers accessing bus operators is considered to be higher. The Bus from johor to klia2 is very exclusive and these bookings will also be done in advance. People who are landing in the airport and people who are in need to reach the airport from Johor can hire the help of these bus operators without any constraint. The bus operators can be chosen according to the flight timing. Since the bookings can be done in online, the timing in which the bus is being operated must be taken into consideration.


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