Hairstyling: Mistakes To Avoid

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There’s nothing that defines or accentuates a woman’s beauty more than her lustrous locks. Legends from Rapunzel to Prezzemolina are a testimony to the magic of amazing hair. Hair and hair styles have not only inspired literary imagination across different cultures, but have even flirted with most momentous events of history. Remember how certain hairstyles came to be associated with aristocracy during the French and English Revolutions!

Fast forward to the 21st century, a right haircut and color is the quintessential accessory for you to feel like a million bucks. A perfect hair style makes you confident, radiant and above all happy. But, get it wrong and everything goes topsy-turvy! Well, not everything, but almost everything about your looks. To add to our woes, there is no individual who has never committed a hair blunder. So, there is no one perfect advice that you can rely upon!

While everybody faces a bad hair day or a non-flattering hair style, we have prepared a list of most common haircut and styling mistakes to help you avoid them. Let’s read about them one by one:

Mistake #1: Getting a Wrong haircut for your hair type: The first rule of thumb regarding any hair style is that it should be in sync with your hair type and not work against it. If you spend considerable amount of time in forcing your locks in a particular style, then you should think about changing it ASAP. You can get a perfect haircut in Brooklyn in your nearby salon.

Further, every hair type has its own unique nutrient needs. Hence, the products that you use should be well-thought out and must compliment the natural texture of your hair.

Mistake#2: Going for Wrong Hair Color: A hair color should enhance and flatter the tone of your complexion. If you planning to go for coloring, then try to get it done by a professional as they are trained in the science of coloring and are sure to give your hair a shade that you will love.

Mistake#3: Too Obvious Roots: If you are in between colorings and don’t want to show them, try to achieve this by styling your hair rather than straightaway cutting it. You can try hair styles which are not flat to head, or wear a wavy hairstyle or tie the hair in an updo knot. You can also try color wands that are specifically designed for situations like these.

Mistake#4: Overloading of Hair Products: With a plethora of hair products available in the market and advertisements vouching for their magical properties, we all have fallen prey to them. However, nothing damages your hair more than overuse of hair products. Hair product overuse destroys the natural texture of your hair, thereby making them dull, frizzy and prone to breakage. So, keep your hair product usage to minimal and only use products that are best suited for your hair type. Remember, less is more when it comes to your hair.

Mistake#5: Waiting till eternity to get a haircut: While it is not necessarily to adopt a religious attitude towards haircuts, going too long without a trim is not advisable either. Not getting a haircut for long makes your hair look dead and uneven at the ends. Worse, it can even give you split end and thus ruin your hair completely. You can always opt for a perfect haircut in Brooklyn at various salons.

Mistake#6: Flaunting Limp Locks: While you may have long strands, lack of volume in your hair can completely ruin your style. However, there are several ways in which you can pump-up the volume of your hair. One of the assured ways to make your hair look more voluminous is by cutting the dead ends. Layers done on the top and a blunt bottom are sure to give your hair a fuller appearance. Finally, avoid greasy, heavy and oily products.

Mistake#7: Getting Wrong Haircut for Your Face Shape: This is the most common hair style mistake that people commit. While a haircut that aligns with the shape of your face works to accentuate your positive features, a wrong haircut can completely spoil your look. Though a lot depends upon personal preferences, here are some general thumb-rules regarding hair styles- People with heart-shaped faces should opt for off-center parts. Square face shapes look best with middle parts; round with side parts (they lengthen the face); and oval face shapes should rock deep side parts, which help shorten the face. To get the best haircut in Brooklyn that does justice to your face , consult a hairstylist.

Mistake#8: While bangs make you look younger and lends a more confident look to your overall appearance, wearing wrong bangs can change the proportions of your face in all the wrong ways. According to most hair stylists, square faces should opt for asymmetrical bangs; heart-shaped faces for razored and side-swept ones; round faces should go for airy or short bangs to keep the face open; and full bangs balance out oval faces well.

While it is already difficult to find a perfect hairstyle that suits both our personality and face types, the problem gets compounded when it becomes dated. The search for the right haircut can be a grueling task. While we have tried our best to help you, happy finding a modern and current style that flatters your bone structure and works with your natural hair texture.

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