A Helpful Guide to buy and Install SSL Certificate


If you are in the online business industry, you may know that creating a secure environment and earning better credibility and trust with website visitors and customers requires installment of SSL certificate to your site. A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is a comprehensive solution to earn consumers’ trust and let them feel secure when they make transaction on your website. A safer website is enabled by SSL-protected sites. So, if you install the Digital certificate to your site, users will consider your website reliable and safer.

SSL certificate price

Who needs SSL certificate?

Any website owner who is engaged in accepting or processing confidential information on their website like debit or credit card details or making payment online, or have  other sensitive information need SSL certificate. Data shared between the server and users’ systems are encrypted for safety. Certificate with different grades are available in market. So the SSL certificate price may start from very little to hundreds of dollars every year. If there is more sensitive information on your site, you choose the high-quality certificate. The more sensitive your information, the more you’ll need to spend on the certificate.

Coordinating with Payment Gateways

Usually, you can get the certificate for as much as $100 per year. However, in case you accept credit and debit card payment directly through your website, you will need to coordinate with your credit card payment gateway and bank in order to determine what level of SSL certificate they want. Most banks and payment gateways are very strict in their service.


Server Requirements & Certificate Purchase

In order to install SSL Certificate, you need to have secure connections. You can purchase the certificate from Certificate Authorities who deal verifying the identities of web site operators.

IP Address

A dedicated or unique IP Address is required to install the certificate. If you choose to a shared hosting plan, it is important for you to make it clear from the hosting company for a dedicated IP address. You cannot install SSL certificates on a shared IP unless the certificate is shared. This is the general feature of all. Some hosting service providers may move to a dedicated IP address for free. Others may charge you some fee on a monthly basis for a dedicated IP address.


What is required to buy the certificate

If you want to buy an SSL certificate, you will need to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). If it is your first time to download the certificate to your website or you had never had an SSL certificate to your website, you will need to generate a ‘key’ first. Once you generate the key, generate the CSR. Enter the required information. If you have more than one key, then enter the information the server required. You can buy this certificate at many hosting companies online.

First, know your hosting needs, options to upgrade host, check all the features, compare the prices of the certificate, etc. Once you are done with all these, you will be able to install SSL certificate on your site and win consumers’ trust.

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