Here are 5 Tips About PPC Management to Double Your Business

ppc management

PPC (Pay-Per-Click), as an advertising strategy, targets customers who look out for specific products or services online. Using this strategy, digital marketing agencies help businesses get more conversions and make more money online.

It is highly important for digital marketing agencies to get the paid advertising right, for businesses spend thousands of dollars into advertising of their products and services that may not reach anyone and achieve nothing. Every business is different; so, it’s important to optimise the bid propositions and find the right audience depending on its specific traits in order to deliver maximum benefits.

Hiring experts from a leading PPC management agency can help companies achieve best out of the pay-per-click campaign.

Here are some tips to double a business with right PPC management:

#1 Enable Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

As Google AdWords provides assets in the form of keyword and click-data, it’s vital to set up one’s own conversion tracker to monitor a campaign’s success. As a piece of code, the conversion tracker is inserted into the HTML to track exact actions on specific web pages. One can confirm which ads best resonate with the audience by setting up a conversion tracker on checkout or thank you page. It can be used to track subscriptions, shares, and shopping cart checkouts. It also helps in monitoring the calls made from a landing page or ads.

Using a conversion tracker, one can also report the ROI to relevant stakeholders and estimate the effectiveness of different ad groups. A renowned company offering white label PPC management services can help digital marketing agencies get their clients a higher conversion rate.

#2 Take Advantage of Important Ad Extensions


Although search ads are limited to a single message, one can add more real estate to the ads and optimise for different intent by using ad extensions. Following are some of the common extensions available that one can use:

  1. Callout Extensions
  2. Sitelink Extensions
  3. Review Extensions
  4. Structured Snippet

These ad extensions are a great way to test new CTAs and provide the users with additional choices to potentially convert. Ads with site link extensions can increase both the CTR and conversion rate. Professionals offering the services for PPC AdWords campaign management can help add these extensions to avail great benefits.

#3 Leverage Location Tracking

A Geo-tracking ad is extremely helpful for several reasons. It is relevant to local search intent, it is able to target people near the brick-and-mortar location, and minimises the competition. Therefore, there are higher chances for companies’ ads to get clicked. Getting professional help from a top company offering white label PPC management services can be immensely helpful.

#4 Use Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords reduce irrelevant traffic to help control an ad spend and improve the quality score. These keywords are semantically alike to the target keyword, but irrelevant to the advertising. Experts of a prominent PPC management agency have a good understanding of how to use negative keywords to get relevant benefits.

#5 Do More Split Testing

Truly savvy media marketers produce multiple ad groups to deliver better results. It’s important to refine the ads to reach out to the right audience members and get a higher conversion rate. It’s also important to hire a reputable company that has expertise in offering PPC management services to the digital marketing agencies.

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