Here’s How to Crack MAT 2018 Without Coaching

Crack MAT 2018 Without Coaching

MAT known as Management Aptitude Test is a common entrance exam students take to gain admission into good B-schools. To prepare for such high grade exams what is essential is to prepare for the course material well. It is important to be persistent, dedicated and to have a goal oriented plan to study the material and revise it thoroughly. It is a myth that students cannot clear MAT without taking coaching. All it takes is a little luck, lot of hard work, smart planning to crack MAT 2018.

Many aspirants do not prefer coaching classes and it may be due to various reasons such as different time constraints, it may be expensive to take classes or their maybe a lot of students in the class or the course is not customised to the aspirant’s needs. It is basically on the aspirant and how they use the materials to prepare for the exam.

In case you are wondering now on how to go about preparing for MAT 2018. Well, don’t worry we have curated a few steps for you to crack MAT 2018. Have a look.

Find the right study material

Look for the latest and most comprehensive study material you can find. Compare different coaching institute’s materials if possible and then make an informed decision of purchasing the study material which makes sense to you and has the maximum type of different questions and mock papers. Don’t buy exam material because tour peer is buying it.

Understand the MAT Exam format and pattern well

Familiar yourself with the MAT exam format and study it well. Be absolutely sure of what subjects and topics are required to be covered for the exam. Make sure you are triple sure of the syllabus before you begin preparing. Once you know the subjects make sure that you also have enough course material and reference material to fall back on for each subject.

Practice Mathematics

Maths is the most dominant part of MAT. It is easy but requires some easy tricks and tips to solve it quickly and accurately. Being your preparation with the quant section and familiarise yourself by understanding the concepts and solve every possible question you can find. There is no shortcut to success, adapt this same principle for Maths and at one point you will just see a question and mentally your mind will be solving it. Also, solving mock papers and timing your performance will be helpful to solve questions fairly efficiently.

Read Newspapers

Ever realise, how much information one can collect from a newspaper. Newspapers are our guide to foray into a world of unknown. It is one of those ways where you get information in a capsule format. Read the newspaper from one end to the other and note down any information based on general knowledge. Revise your notes in your spare time and keep adding better words to your vocabulary. It will help you in your English preparation.

Solve sample question papers

Solving mock papers is an absolute must. It is very important to finish solving as many test papers and to grade yourself so that one can have an idea of where they stand. It will help you acknowledge the different patterns of questions along with a strong sense of time management. It will help you assess your weakness and strengths while solving a test paper. Also, clearing your doubts on a topic will become easier once multiple question papers have been solved.

Improve your English

Other than reading newspapers, converse in English, watch BBC, listen to radio shows, watch American sitcoms (that is fun) and read umpteen books. Also, keep a note book where you add the words and make it your go-to vocabulary book. It helps in remembering meanings and antonyms and synonyms as well.

Analyse last year’s question papers

High percentile scorers prepare for this entrance only through solving mock tests or previous year papers. Preparing through mocks, sectional and topic specific tests and making changes to the approach is an effective way of studying. All the questions– incorrect, correct or un-attempted should be analysed properly. This will give you clarity on the different topic and show your strong suit.

Find a friend to talk to or a mentor

Always have a guide to whom you can confide and they can deal with your anxiety. Form a study group. Discuss your problems, strategies and topics with your study group members. If some of them have joined a coaching class, then that can be an added advantage for you. They can clarify your queries and doubts. Once a week you can also take a mock test together so you can compare your performance with others.

Ditch the conventional studying itch

Get over the conventional studying way or remembering and writing everything like one used to in school. Prepare smart and be open to new changes in strategies. Choose a method which suits you better. Never be intimidated by what your peers might say. Listen to their ideas and formulate your own strategy. Utilize the internet for accessing various online classes and tests. You can watch a YouTube videos if you are stuck on any topic or take an online test.

Happy preparing for MAT 2018! Score a great percentile with these tricks and enjoy the perks of a great B-school.

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