Hiring a Video Monitoring Service in New York? Here’s What You Should Look For

Being a property owner or manager (commercial or residential), it is your responsibility to protect it from thefts, burglaries, and intruders including your employees, building, inventory, and customers. Gone are the days when locking the doors was enough to protect everything, things are going hi-tech so are the criminals.

Today, video monitoring is not just the thing to boast how advanced you are, but it has become a need to ensure high security to protect your commercial and residential property.

However, there is no shortage of small and medium sized businesses that overlook the significance of video monitoring and later on, they left with no choice but to regret their decision when a real theft or burglary takes place.

Technology has blessed us, and with the help of cutting edge cameras and surveillance equipment, monitoring of residential and commercial property has become easier than ever. However, choosing the best security agency is not an easy task. Reason? Security is something that you cannot afford to take casually.

Therefore, you have to dig deeper to know whether the company you are approaching offers beneficial and working security solutions. For this, you have to check your requirements first which probably includes things like whether you need an indoor, outdoor, or both system for your property, the number of cameras, storage system, and other additional features.

This post unveils some crucial features that you should look for before availing a video monitoring service in New York. Read on!

Closed Circuit Cameras

Closed circuit cameras can be easily installed in the critical areas of your property. Further, these cameras can be monitored round the clock at the dispatch center of the security company or locally by your onsite team.

Modern cameras come with higher definition visibility work perfect in day or night time conditions with excellent quality recording devices. You can store the footage to a DVR, local server, or to the cloud. Further, a smart security agency also uses these cameras to ensure their deployed officers are actively doing their duty to maintain their reputation and high standards.

Round The Clock Dispatch Center

Before hiring a security agency in New York for video monitoring, make sure their trained experts never sleeps and are always ready to mobilize forces and contact authorities. Also, check whether they offer remote backup support to the deployed officers working onsite and can send live backup support to road supervisor to help support your team as and when required.

Roving Patrols

Another thing to consider before you approach a company for video monitoring service in New York is whether they provide roving patrols. As we all know technology is key to surveillance, therefore, see whether the security agency leverage technology and has security officers with the best training in the industry. Roving patrols remotely patrol your location with a vigilant eye and proactively manage any threat or event.

Analytic Cameras

It is true that humans created analytic cameras these cameras can do what humans cannot. An analytic camera never stops watching. Various people call them smart cameras because they detect not only doubtful motion, sound, heat signatures, but also other biometrics.

Once triggered, they instantly inform and remote guards at central command centers and start transmitting a real-time video feed. With the help of these cameras, guards watch incidents and can voice down suspects through loudspeakers and notify authorities.

Point of View Cameras

Another thing to consider is the point of view cameras. These cameras are discreet and can easily be fitted on the lapel of security officers’ uniform and can record both videos and sound. With the help of these cameras, you will not only be able to keep your eye on security officers, but also your guests.

Closing Point

If you have made your mind for availing video monitoring service in New York, do consider the features explained above before finalizing the deal with a security company. As it is about security, you cannot take it lightly, right?

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