Hot Cotton Linen Clothing for Women

Blending the fabrics is one of the commonly practiced methods in many cotton fabrics manufactures in India as well as worldwide. The primary purpose of combining one or more fabrics is to create a unique combination with compelling qualities. Cotton and Linen blends give excellent benefits like affordability. Since organic Linen is expensive blending with cotton gives an option to experience them for a budget shopper. Cotton Linen blends provide a luxurious look to products like Linen shirts for women or Linen jacket women. Due to the excellent moisture absorbent feature of Linen fabric, combining it with the cotton fabric extends the overall durability of the blended material.

By blending the Linen and Cotton fabric, it gives a pitch-perfect fabric texture with vibrant blended colors with various textured patterns and designs for women. Here are some of the hot cotton linen styles for today’s Women.

  • Ethnic with a modern twist

Unlike the Traditional ethnic wears which are made up of pure silk material, be a trendsetter by choosing a beautiful Cotton Linen Saree which gives an elegant yet ethnic touch to your culture. Feel the embrace with this classy outfit.

  • Plaid Dresses for Casual Wear

These sensational plaid dresses carefully blended with Cotton and Linen give a relaxed fit yet a spectacular look. This dress typically suits in summer casual wear or beach outing. These vintage loose dresses provide maximum comfortability without burning a hole in your wallet.

  • Trousers for Business Wear

 Linen /Cotton blends help to produce more lightweight, soft fabric which effortlessly drapes around and gives a comfortable fit to the trousers. Linen’s wrinkle-free feature comes in handy when combining with cotton and gives crisp look trousers. Pairing these Trousers with a women’s linen shirts provide a formal and professional look. It is suitable for any business meetings. These fits will keep improving in each wash as it has linen fabric.

  • Cotton/Linen Blazer

Blazer has changed from the monotonous color patterns to several vibrant choices and gives a unique design in the Linen Blazer section for women. Blazer comes in different patterns like crop stretch strips, Tuxedo Twist Blazer, Long Blazer Embellished Blazer with bold patterns and gives an intricate detailing with a clean, chic appearance. Blue linen blazer can be paired with any linen pants for women.

  • Cotton/Linen Jackets

Jackets give a more casual look, and when it is combined with Cotton/Linen, they can be used in winter as well as light cold, breezy weather conditions. The combination of Linen which makes it retain the body heat temperature and cotton makes it feel more soft and comfortable to wear. Linen jackets for women not only give an appealing look but also provide long durability.


Cotton/Linen needs special care to maintain them from rough and harsh chemicals and protect from color fading or worn out. Hand washing is always best as it will not be mixed with other types of garments. However, in the case of machine wash, always put it in a delicate cycle. Avoid bleaching the cotton-linen clothes. Also, it is the best method to wash the white cotton linen fabric using a detergent which is alkaline based. As the linen are alkaline resistant, it won’t affect its texture.

 In some cases, there is wrinkle it can be easily removed by just spraying the water over it and let it air dry. The vertical sense of the cotton linen fabric texture will automatically dry the material. These are some simple instructions to be followed along with the manufacturer’s guidelines to get the most out of your cotton linen garments.

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