How Can 3D Design Labs Benefit Students?

While industries and hobbyists are at the forefront of exploring this innovative technology, the education sector too, is catching up with the increased demand for providing students with a better learning experience. There are now 3D design labs in India which can be accessed by students for creating prototypes of their projects and experience learning. Let us have a look at how 3D design labs can benefit students.

While India lagged a little as compared to other countries with regards to adopting 3D printing, the rapid use of this technology in automotive, healthcare, defense, electronics and aerospace industry has now made it an important market for 3D printing technology. Apart from the industries, 3D printing is now also making its way in the education sector of India, and several schools and colleges have already adopted it to provide an innovative learning experience to their students.


There are now 3D design labs in India which can be accessed by students to work on their projects and create three-dimensional prototypes. These design labs are helping students in multiple ways, and some of the most important benefits of these labs are mentioned below-

Ignites Creativity in Students

CAD instructors often face the challenge to inspire students to create models and learn to engineer without providing them the ability to hold, see, touch or feel the designs. The designs that students create on a computer is often thought of as unobtainable in the real world. However, a 3D design lab can help students create a replica of their models from plastic. The ability to create real-life objects in three dimensions ignites the creativity in students and allows them to perform better.

Can be used by Several Disciplines

3D printing labs are beneficial for students across all the different disciplines. For instance, science majors can create 3D molecular models, architecture students can create a physical sample of the designs, and art students too can print real-life samples of the designs. Apart from students, these labs can also be used to print a variety of 3D materials which can be used by faculty members to explain concepts in a better way

Develops Spatial Intelligence

Spatial intelligence can be defined as a capacity if mentally creating, transforming and rotating visual images. It is the ability to make assumptions about the size, movement, and shape of objects in the surrounding. Spatial intelligence is an important skill for young school-going students and it is with the help of 3D printed models that this skill can be promoted to them.

Introduction to Modern Additive Manufacturing

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process that is adopted by several industries in India. Thus, by providing students with hands-on knowledge of how to use this modern technology will prepare them for a career in technology which is expected to be a $30 billion industry by 2022. And not just in additive manufacturing, it prepares them for a career in technology, mathematics, engineering and science in a better way.

3D design labs in India are now making their presence felt in the education sector, and colleges and schools should surely try this innovative technology to provide a better learning experience to the students.

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