How Can A Cloud Server Hosting Benefit You?

cloud server India

Cloud servers are the virtual servers that run in the cloud computing environment. Many times they are called as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). Although every cloud server is a virtual server, the reverse is not always true.

It is because the virtual dedicated server can be hosted on a dedicated hardware and it suffers from a single point of failure. The cloud servers run as independent units of the software. If you are looking for a hosting provider of cloud server in India, there are aplenty. But you have to look at the various benefits first:


More Collaboration

Most of the companies have workforce spread across the time zones. They hardly have time to meet each other, and when the applications are hosted on the cloud environment, they can be accessed on the internet. It means that all the employees are accessing the same information and can work together on the same information.


User experience is far better in the case of the cloud as it gives you the power to expand the resources in no time.

Quick To Deploy

You can deploy the SSD instances with constant and predictable performance in no time. It hardly takes a minute to do so in the case of the cloud hosting.

Pay As You Go

With the cloud, you get the flexibility to pay only for what you use. The prices are quoted on a monthly or an hourly basis. There is no set-up fee or any other hidden charges. It is one thing where the companies can gain a lot. Going for cloud can save a  lot of upfront costs as there is no significant capital requirement. You can also save on the costs of having a team to manage the on premise infrastructure.


If you want an increase in the server resources like more bandwidth or more storage, you can get it quickly in a matter of few clicks.

Disaster Recovery

It is a major concern for larger organizations, and they can spend a lot for the purpose. Same is not true for the smaller organization. With cloud even they can rest assured that their data is secure even in the case of a disaster like a flood or an earthquake.


With so many benefits, you can go for any reputed hosting provider of the cloud server in India and enjoy the advantages of the latest technology at negligible prices.

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