How can AMP and PWA can make your presence a worth one?

Progressive Web Apps

With the increase in technology seen today, it has paved a way for the users and the top organizations to mark their online presence in the world. For this various innovations have been made on technological platform which inculcates about the future of the world. Nowadays online marketing and its techniques to implement those tools will allow marketers to cater audience for economic growth and make presence.  AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and PWA (Progressive Web pages) both go hand in hand for the proper execution of businesses. The AMP Project is an open-source initiative launched by Google in October of 2015 as a way to improve the overall performance of mobile websites.

AMP is that part of technology which allows pages to load quickly in mobile devices. For this various scripts are developed on an open source platform to help the websites to quickly load the contents and present itself in front of the user. This technique is now majorly used by the news website, job portals and ecommerce websites for the proper functioning and getting products showcased in mobile SERP’s. It is as simple as it lessens the data 10 times as compared to the usual app/websites. It is very fast and offers the solution in much easy way.



Advantages of AMP:

  1. Loading of pages is quickly and instantly cached.
  2. Supports all existing formats of ads.
  3. Full authority over business design and visual design for the publisher of the website.
  4. Expanded over large verticals of contents.
  5. Improvisation of engagement factor

AMP makes the page so smooth running that they provide ease of working upon because it reduces size of images, heavy elements and many others thereby creating a space for user to search for any result on mobile device and get it quickly done. Removal of irrelevant things allows best experience and results to create a best presence over the user.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is a simple web page with modern bowser feature which is specially designed for home screens of smartphones for functioning of push notifications, offline web pages and fast load timing. It is reported as if the user has arrived from the home screen icon of PWA then the conversion rate leads to more than 70%.

Advantages of PWA:

  1. It Improvises conversion rate
  2. It provides smooth navigation and animations
  3. It loads the page faster than AMP
  4. It engages the user with push notifications
  5. It enables the user to load even if internet connection is weak or slow.

These different technologies are so different from the advantages point of view but they both go parallel in order to achieve the entire presence and to convert the traffic into leads. For this, Google has been updating its search engine at regular interval in order to seek attention of readers into paid traffic. This however allows in generating a source of income and getting the work done easily. It is also beneficial from Various Career Opportunity perspective because this thing are trending these days. For this different job portals are there that allows you to entertain the part of getting job.

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