How Can Employees Gain From An LTA Card?

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If you ask employees who have been using Zeta Optima’s LTA card, they’d all have to agree on one common thing: they do not spend time on filing and tracking their LTA reimbursements anymore. This is the difference a digital solution for LTA reimbursements brings to the table.

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No More Paper Documents To Be Managed

Things have changed dramatically with technology, and as an employee, you don’t have to waste precious time on managing piles of travel documents for LTA reimbursements anymore. A paperless solution does away the need to fill out forms for travel claims.

Track What You Have Submitted With Ease

Once you have submitted the travel bills, you don’t have to make trips to the administrative office again and again. You can easily stay informed about the status of your claims and whether the bills submitted are valid or not with the help of the Zeta app.

Entirely Digital

With digitised claims, all you have to do is to just upload a photo of the travel documents, like tickets and boarding passes with the help of an app. So once you are back from your vacation, worries regarding reimbursements are reduced to getting your claims and checking the progress status on the app itself.

Wrapping Up

As an employee, the Zeta OptimaTM LTA Card helps you overcome the challenges related to LTA reimbursements through a digitised solution. With technology, life of employees is getting easier leaving a lot of time to focus on productivity and workplace satisfaction instead of getting having do deal with smaller, less important stuff.

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