How Guys should get Dressed for Rave?

When it comes to dressing for a rave, guys make it in the shade. Well anything goes for the guys and this takes some of the pressure off them. Guys, you can wear anything you are comfortable in that boasts off your personal style. However, wearing breathable rave clothes to dance whole day and night is very much recommended for the guys.

As far as men rave clothing is concerned, you could get away with simple tees, tanks, and shorts or you can put on your unique style with prints all over your clothing. The print designs come in all types of styles right from masks to shorts and tees. Moreover, rave accessories for the guys including hats, rave glasses, and the furry animal hoods might prove to be a great way to make your outfit more rave-ready.

So before you proceed through, you need to consider few factors like the location, whether the rave craziness is confined to indoors or outdoors. Here we have mentioned a few things that you must consider:

Pick up a T-shirt

A simple t-shirt cannot go wrong for any rave whether it is outdoor or indoor, day or night. T-shirts give a relaxed feel and this is what raves are all about. Just find the one that compliments the occasion and your personality as well. T-shirts of breathable material are the best option to go for and something like the pure cotton will enable you to stay cool and comfortable.

If you are a gym freak and want to show off those guns, a basic tank top would be the best choice for you. If you will be under the sun or going for a beachside rave, try going shirtless. Don not forget to apply the sunscreen if you dare to bare. Moreover, you can bring a small towel along so as to wipe off sweat.

Choosing the Bottom Wear

You can wear a pair of shorts if you wish to show off your crazy dancing footwork. If you are concerned about staying cool, shorts can probably be a good choice. However, you should choose something outrageous like he disco ball patterned shorts. It would be better if you go for cargo shorts because their extra pockets will come in handy for carrying a cell phone or a wallet.

If you are planning to hang out at a rave for some days without bringing extra clothes, jeans can prove to be a classic option for such events. Don’t go for the designer pair of jeans; rather prefer a loose-fitting getting dirty or torn.

Generally, raves are about embracing who you are and do anything that you want. Go with what inspires you, therefore, going for a rave in a costume of a robot or giant owl, there is nothing right or wrong in that. You can pick up video game characters as well and its really exhilarating to coordinate costumes with your friends.

Now comes the Footwear

Raves are all about dropping things on the ground, spilling things and what not. Therefore, it is recommended for you to avoid going barefooted. Since you will be on your feet for most of the times at a rave, wear a comfortable pair of sneakers and ensure that they are light in weight and with loose fitting. Keep an extra pair of socks or two, as your socks might become soggy from sweat.

If you are of the opinion that the typical men rave clothing is not unique enough for you, create your own rave costume and wear things like the onesies and the banana suits. Guys, anything goes when it comes to rave outfits. Wear anything you want to!

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