How Is Cloud Hosting Beneficial For Small Businesses?

cloud hosting

Cloud computing can bring significant changes for small businesses that have been realized by several startups and small business owners. As a result, a large number of small businesses has fully embraced cloud computing. The cloud is now giving a new dimension to their way of doing business.

Here are some reasons for which small businesses should consider adopting cloud.

cloud hosting in India

Lower costs

Cloud hosted servers have made mass scale computing power in minimal IT requirements, physical storage. As a result, cloud hosting in India has enabled small business owner to make significant savings. For startups, cloud computing let them completely utilize hardware and decrease power usage, IT needs, hardware upgrade and support cost. For small businesses, these savings means a lot.

Better collaboration

Cloud collaboration is pretty easy as it is supported by several cloud collaboration tools like Google drive, let users upload, edit and comment on documents and so on. All these features let employees save and access various files, and they can easily work from the same master document. As a result, small business owners can not only easily access data but also track and manage individual progress on business which inevitably increases efficiency.


One of the big benefits of cloud computing is to able to access required files and information from any device, anytime, anywhere through just a single server working on a single computer. Thus, gone are the days when data used to be stuck on a single server.

It let the small businesses to provide flexible working arrangements to the employees. Not only does cloud computing make it possible to work outside the office, but also makes it easier for small business owners to manage their work from anywhere, at any time of the day.

What’s more, increased flexibility of cloud also allow business owner to invite their employees to bring and work on their own devices, they are comfortable with like laptops, tablets.

Improved integration

Cloud-based business solution offers multiple opportunities for integration; cloud-based small businesses have chances of integrating with other cloud-based providers. Small businesses can avail the benefit of specialized services that incorporates with back office operations, human resources, marketing to accounting.

Reduced risks

Cloud adds security for the users by backing up data off-site, decreasing the chances of hackers, virus and other cyber security issues.

Automatic updates

Migrating to cloud, companies no longer need to worry about power requirement, space considerations, and software updates. In fact, access to automatic updates may be included in your IT requirements. Depending on your cloud service provider, your system will be updated with the latest technology at regular interval. It may include up-to-date versions of software as well as regular upgrades to servers.

All these benefits in a combined way significantly increase the efficiency of small businesses and let them work in a flexible work environment. It also allows businesses to move forward in accordance with IT infrastructure.


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