How Is Technology Helping Collaboration?

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While working alone, professionals in a business environment might deliver quality results. But when having to collaborate with multiple people, things change. New skills need to be learnt; newer technology needs to be incorporated. Here is where an online collaboration platform can help teams achieve success and work towards a single goal:

Group Chats For Sharing Ideas

“I already use email, why do I need group chat?” you ask? Emails aren’t instantaneous and keeping track of conversations is extremely cumbersome. Group messaging allows for collaboration with the required team members all in one go. You can discuss projects in detail and keep track of conversations as well. All you gotta do is create a group for a particular project with the necessary team members, start discussions, and you’ll see that they become very effective in making decisions quickly.

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Video Conferencing

A key feature available in collaboration app. Consider this, you are working on a critical project and you immediately need inputs from team members working out of multiple locations. What do you do? Start a video conference! All it takes is a couple of clicks right from within the app. Some apps allow you to add up to 25 people, a feature that is great to have!

Share Files With Ease

During important discussions, more often than not, critical files need to be shared in order to reach collaborative decisions. In most collaboration apps, you can send these files from within the console along with the messages in real-time. You can make decisions more effectively as you have all the related files at your fingertips.


Collaboration apps can provide real structure to your teams at work. You can create a team with all the members you work with and further create channels or groups with a subset of these team members as per your project’s requirements. You can also initiate 1-1 chats with any team member outside of a channel or group. Sharing ideas, files and task management becomes a breeze. Some apps go one step further – they allow you to create various kinds of teams – public, private and organizational.

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Shared To Dos

In a collaboration app, you can easily create a list of shared to-dos. You can create tasks, and within each task, create subtasks and assign them to team members. Once they are marked as complete, everyone in that channel comes to know as well.

In the End

Effective collaboration is the key to success in any organization that undertakes projects involving multiple people with different skill sets. Thanks to online collaboration platforms you can now work with your teams rather quickly, be more productive and profitable as well.

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