How Physical Therapy Help You Manage Pain?

sport and spine physical therapy

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Or acute sports injury? In either case, medication will not help for a long time. Pain management, whether acute or chronic, has always been difficult since ancient time. There are a million ways to treat pain, but only a few of them can be useful in your case. However, specific pain management treatments have stood the test of time and have been found very effective. Physiotherapy is one of them. The primary reason for the popularity of physical therapy is a drug-free treatment. It helps people of all ages who have an illness, injury or medical condition that restricts their motion or cause pain.

Moreover, there are many mechanical methods physical therapists use to relieve pain, like applying heat packs, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation to relieve pain. On the top of this, exercise and manual therapy techniques, like massage are also used to manage pain.

Let us get to know how physical therapy helps in pain management.

Individualized exercise program

Physical therapy includes estimation of the movement, physical capabilities, body type and activity level if a patient. It is done in order to prescribe the right selection of exercise and physical means to improve the mobility and function of the patient. For example, if an individual is facing sports injury, the physiotherapist may prescribe him/her sport and spine physical therapy. A customized exercise program, developed by a physiotherapist, has been found very effective in spine exercises. Depending on the condition and individual needs of the patient, amount of practice, set of exercises and exercise program is decided by a physiotherapist.

Sometimes, it requires trial and error, some adjustment in the exercise program and reviewing the patient’s response to developing the right exercise for a patient.

Right exercise technique

Physiotherapy is a proper exercise technique which allows the patient to segregate the desired muscle group which enhances the effectiveness of an exercise. A physical therapist instructs a patient on the right technique for performing exercise in the individualized exercise program. Physiotherapists often strive to improve the exercise techniques, learn new ones and go through the new fads. Physical therapy also covers posture and movement exercises, suggestions for improvements in the patient which give additional protection to the spine.

Compelling Reasons to switch to physiotherapy

Physical therapy increase muscle flexibility and strength. It promotes healing by increasing the blood circulation to injured body parts. Healthy muscles provide protection to bones and joints. This is the reason it comes very effective in many conditions. Let us get to know about them.

Reduce or eliminate pain

Hands-on therapy or treatments, like ultrasound and electrical stimulation which comes under the umbrella of physical therapy, can help relieve pain and restore muscle and joint function to reduce pain in different body parts.

Avoid surgery

Physical therapy can be very effective in subsiding pain or heal you from an injury. Thereby, many times it saves the patient from surgery. Even if surgery is needed, you may benefit from pre-surgical physical therapy. Moreover, it enables you to recover from surgery sooner as become more fit prior to it.

Improve mobility

If you are facing trouble in standing, walking or moving, physical therapy can act as a savior. This pain management technique includes stretching exercises which strengthen your muscles and bones and help you restore your ability to move. If required, in many cases, it also allows people with devices like walkers, canes or wheelchairs.

Recover from stroke

It is common to lose some degree of movement after a stroke. Patients can benefit from physical therapy and strengthen their weaker body parts. It also assists them to improve gain and balance.

Recover from sports injury

Sports injury can restrict your movements and prevent you from enjoying a particular sport. Sometimes it may even come between a sportsman and his/her career. Physical therapy, in such cases, can be extremely beneficial through recover or prevention exercise programs.

To reap the benefits of physical therapy, always consult with your physician and locate a trustworthy physical therapist.

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