How Prince2 Certification Training Can Bring A Difference In Your Career?

Prince2 Certification

Projects IN Controlled Environments, or Prince2 for short, is a project management methodology that provides a customizable and scalable process for effectively and efficaciously handling a wide range of projects. The Prince2 qualification has two levels. The first level or the Foundation Level is vital to go for the second or the Practitioner level. In the first level, you will learn about the principles and terminology of Prince2 and prepare yourself to work effectively in a Prince2 project environment. Going for Prince2 certification training has got a plenitude of benefits. Prince2 certification is strong enough to bring the change that you are seeking in your career.


Types of Prince2 Certifications


Prince2 Foundation

This is the first certification of the Prince2 series. At this level, you will learn the methods included under Prince2 thereby imparting you the ability to work effectively and efficaciously with a Prince2 project management team. You can take up the foundation level course if you are aspiring to become a project manager. Even current project managers can take up the foundation level certification if they wish to sharpen their project management skills. In the foundation level certification, you will largely learn about the 7 processes and principles of Prince2.


Prince2 Practitioner

If you are already under the role of managing projects, then you can apply for the Prince2 Practitioner level certification as well. Under the practitioner level, you will learn about the application of the principles of Prince2 to real-life project management scenarios. Altogether, after gaining the Prince2 Practitioner Certification you will acquire the ability to handle projects in a much better and an effective fashion as compared to what you are doing now.

From the types of Prince2 certifications only, you can understand the importance of Prince2 in the field of project management. Not only you will increase your value in the organization, but you will also acquire more salary than your non-certified colleagues. If you are still unsure whether to go ahead with Prince2 certification or not, the following reasons might convince you.


Why should you go for Prince2 Certification Training?

Nowadays, more and more people are opting for the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner Course. It has got a lot of advantages associated with it.


You Acquire First Class Project Management Skills

A lot goes in managing projects. As a project manager, you have to think about resources, risks, delivery time, deadlines, and a lot more things. By acquiring Prince2 certification, you gain the necessary confidence in managing a project effectively and efficaciously. With Prince2 certification and training under your hood, you can manage the resources and risks well, thereby delivering the requirements within the deadline and within the allocated budget. Of course, it is needless to say over there that this is the requirement of almost every organization. They want to achieve quality results in less time and within the set budget for the task. By acquiring Prince2 certification, you can certainly do the same and that is what makes you a valuable resource for an organization.


Prince2 is adjustable

Prince2 has got no specific business type or project duration associated with it. You can adjust and apply the principles of Prince2 irrespective of the organization type, project duration, project size, and methods already in use for the project. Therefore, you can save time, money and efforts by applying Prince2 to almost any project.


Get Hired by Reputed Organizations

If you are looking to change your organization or searching for new job prospects in the field of project management, then Prince2 certification is, indeed, an asset for you. Reputed organizations are always in the lookout to hire skilled employees for their business. Having Prince2 certification on your CV will not only enhance your chances to get hired, but you can also negotiate your salary accordingly. Generally, employees with a Prince2 certification get more salary as compared to their non-certified peers. Moreover, this project management certification is backed by the UK government and even utilized by the UN systems. Not only it will become easier for you to gain employment, but you will also become well-versed in the knowledge necessary for the implementation of a project of any scale successfully.


Easy and affordable

It is a common complaint of people when going for external certifications that how they will manage the money for external training and certification. If money is manageable then time proves to be a hindrance. Acquiring training and studying for certification require you to devote a considerable number of hours which is usually not possible due to the hectic professional life we all live nowadays. However, this is not the case with Prince2. Prince2 training and certification are far more affordable as compared to other similar certifications. Moreover, you do not require devoting much of your time. The foundation level course prepares you enough to take on the practitioner level with full energy and vigor. Therefore, you can go ahead with Prince2 certification without neglecting other important aspects of your life.


Become recognized globally

Prince2 certification is something which every organization, whether private or public, looks for. Moreover, you are not limited to the boundaries of your own nation. Prince2 certification has international recognition. Therefore, wherever you go, the Prince2 certification is valid and recognized everywhere.


Go to other certifications easily

When you have the Prince2 certification under your hood, you can easily apply for other related project management certifications as well. You won’t have a hard time understanding the concepts taught in other related certifications as they are usually more or less the same. Hence, by becoming Prince2 certified, you open yourself to a variety of other certifications through which you can take your career to new unimagined heights.


Prince2 is more of a process rather than a handbook of instructions

There is a variety of other project management certifications like PMP, IPMA etc. However, a majority of these project management certifications come with a handbook that contains a set of instructions which are taught to the people taking the training. This makes it extremely difficult to apply the knowledge gained from the handbook to all the projects of various types and sizes. On the other hand, Prince2 certification does not teach you concepts in accordance with a handbook. It teaches you the project management principles and makes sure that you understand all the principles and the associated processes. This, as mentioned above, makes Prince2 certification extremely adjustable. You can tailor the principles and processes in accordance with the demands of the project you are working on. Therefore, the flexibility that you acquire with Prince2 certification is unparalleled and unequaled.


You are not limited to the same type of industry

Prince2 is not applicable to only a single industry. All the industries have projects. Where there are projects; Prince2 certification is applicable and valid. Therefore, your employment is not limited to a single type of organization. Considering the project management skills that you have, each and every organization, irrespective of their industry, will love to hire you. Therefore, you not only increase your value but also widen the scope of your professional life.


Doesn’t have much of the prerequisites

While other project management certifications may require you to have a certain amount of project management experience, which you might not able to fulfill any time soon, Prince2 certification doesn’t come with such requirements. Therefore, anybody aspiring to get into the role of project management can take up this certification without any hassles.


Final Words

These are only some of the benefits that Prince2 certification can provide you. Therefore, if you are thinking of pursuing training for Prince2 certification, do not think twice. Immediately, go for it. If you have any questions to ask, please put the same down in the comments section provided below.

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