How Recruitment Agencies Are Coping To Stay Ahead Of Curve

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Recruiting and retaining talented, dedicated employees are getting increasingly important nowadays. Interestingly, the recruitment industry has undergone huge changes in the last decade to meet this need of organizations.

Many things have affected the recruitment industry such as the influence of social media, business intelligence, advancement in technology, and a candidate drive market. The skill set required to prosper as a successful consultant company expanded somewhat.

Not only this, but the job seekers also consider many things before joining a firm. According to Glassdoor, there are 5 things job seekers consider before accepting a job offer. These are:

    1. Salary and compensation
    2. Career Growth Opportunities
    3. Work-Life Balance
    4. Location/Commute
    5. Company Culture and Values.

Given the technology development and other factors, we’ve narrowed down top skills that every modern recruitment agency should develop.

Candidate-Specific Approach

Constructing a compelling job advert to attract many applications is a worthwhile approach. However, the process has turned out to be much more focused on the candidate experience. On top of producing job adverts, many prestigious recruitment agencies are cultivating top talent on some platforms to help clients with a seamless process that meets the candidate’s needs.

Content Marketer

The recruitment process has turned out to be like marketing. Many professional recruitment agencies in Delhi have started producing effective content strategies to attract passive candidates and nurture client leads. Generally, their content marketing approach includes social ads, blogs, video marketing, etc. Some of the consulting companies have built up a team of expert marketers to write content and resonate with their target audience.

Growing Personal Brand

With the advent of social media, especially LinkedIn, today’s recruiters know that their personal brand is essential. They know that what they share online will be seen by clients, candidate and much reflect their company values. That’s why consulting firms today are focused on harnessing the power of social media to create an authentic online profile. They are careful enough to post and share anything on their social media profile. They are attracting a range of candidates and clients within their sector.

Further, they use social media for different purposes such as social listening and monitoring clienteles, applicants and competitors, tracking conversations around specific phrases, words or brands, and then leveraging them to discover opportunities or create content for those audiences.

Building Networks

Attending events seems like an old-school skill. But, it’s still as crucial as ever. Consultants understand the value of building networks. Many of them facilitate a Twitter Q & A session to lure job seekers. They are trying to be determined and visible in the market by engaging with real-life people. This helps them build connections to secure elusive client meeting.

Use of Social Media

With the launch of LinkedIn Recruiter, a seismic shift can be seen in how consultants use social media. The interesting thing is that this trend keeps on evolving. Many consulting companies are targeting specific demographics on many channels and even creating specific groups to earn brand awareness. In fact, many of the companies are not using LinkedIn purely for trawling through candidate profiles.

Data Strategist

Great recruitment agencies analyze and convert data into actionable outcomes. They hone their skills, maximize recruitment software and access the abundance of data now online. Thus, they are able to detect trends in their sectors and implement practical hiring strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

Fruitful Tactic

Great consultants are aspired to be in the top of trends in the recruitment industry. They aim to be recognized as a trusted partner by their clients rather than just a recruiter. That’s why; they are committed to becoming indispensable to their client’s talent strategy. Their effective tactic also includes managing candidates. Some of the best agencies guide their candidates through the interview process.

Technological Savvy

With the influx of several tools, today’s staffing consultants are quick to determine which devices are going to survive and add value to their daily routine. They have the capability to distinguish value in different technology.

Great Influencer

The bedrock of a successful recruitment company is the ability to influence people, on the client and the candidate side.  Despite the influx of many gadgets within the recruitment industry, the human connection has always been and will always remain a pivotal aspect of recruitment process. Consequently, potential recruiters never underestimate the power of human contact. They understand it and so use their influence to communicate across numerous channels to reach more diverse candidates and engineer profitable relationships.

To conclude, to stay ahead of the curve, honing skills and becoming tech-friendly is a necessity not desire for a modern recruitment agency.

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