How Should You Care Your Wicker Furniture?


Woven furnishing set up at outdoor and indoor places are known to be wicker furniture. They can be made of any material that could be woven.

Wicker—Some Information Gathered

Wicker furniture includes—tables and chairs, sofa sets, seats, restaurant seats that can be found in various societies throughout the world. Also, baskets are also made, and this is eventually how wicker furniture is famous especially in the gardens, balcony and on balconies of houses, rooftop restaurants, hotels, and parks.

In recent times, the wicker furniture manufacturers have tuned using synthetic materials that look as same as a traditional look but with more comfort and easiness. The fact is, this kind of furniture requires a good way of care and maintenance to make it durable for years long. Let us know what you should do for caring and maintain your wicker furniture.

Regular Cleaning & Care—Tips To know

As wicker is meant to be durable and promises to resist a level of damage, it requires regular care and maintenance tricks to look new and longtime usable. Preferably, dusting of wicker material is essential which can harm the material if not dusted for longer months. No matter what you do, but try dusting the furniture with a dry piece of cloth.

More tricks—

Also, you can use mild soap water for cleaning the wicket furniture once in 2 months to retain its look and shine. Some wicker materials are shiny in looks, if you have such wicker material, you can clean it with mild soap and water solution.

Cleaning Stubborn Stains

It might be possible that wicker furniture can be quite dirty, especially the one which are outdoor set. Due to exposure to sun and environment, the material may get black, or dirt gets fill in the pores. When this is the case, try these tips:

  • Use cleaning spray as it could work effectively for removing the most stubborn stains and dirt. A general spray could work, but make sure to use less and wipe the furniture slowly. Do not clean with water solution.
  • Use sprays that are specially meant for cleaning furniture only. Try consulting the manufacturer from where you bought your set. They could guide with best solutions for cleaning your wicker furniture.
  • Next, you can use oil as well to clean your furniture set. Coconut oil, tree oil or kerosene oil could work the best for removal of stubborn dirt and dust.
  • For cleaning stains, you can use wax products and furniture polish to remove it completely. Plus, by using polish, your wicker furniture could regain the shine and sheen look the same as it was new.
  • Some products are designed to clean watercrafts on wicker patio furniture. Such products are designed to remove oil stains. Make sure about the use as the cleaning should be done to avoid the fumes, and then rinse well after cleaning using solution.
  • The best option for cleaning wicker furniture is a mixture of vinegar (25%) and water (50%) and wipe with a dry cloth in the last.

Immediate Cleaning Tips

The tips mentioned above for cleaning wicker furniture are for long term basis. Now comes, tips to follow for cleaning on a regular basis, which is also important. And they are—

  • Immediately wipe up any spills of food etc. with a clean cloth to make it look beautiful and complementing.
  • For oily spills, you can use a light detergent or soap in water and clean the same. It promises to remove the oil spills immediately and this way your furniture will stay maintained every day.
  • Try cleaning the cushions as well.
  • Weekly, replace the cushions and dust the dirt with cloth either with a moist cloth and allow the furniture to dry once and then place the cushions.

At last, a regular maintenance and cleaning process will ensure that your wicker furniture provides comfort and enjoyment for many years. So, keep cleaning and happy cleaning process!

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