How the Internet and Technology Improved Education

The Internet has become one of the major sources of information for every field in the world. You want to know the meaning of a word or you want to start your business, the internet is your place to be. It entertains the needs of everybody – whether you are a housewife, a scholar, student, engineer, doctor, patient, businessman – the internet has the answer to everything. We certainly cannot overlook the benefits of the internet in the field of education where students from around the world are using it as a trustable source of knowledge. Students can find books, articles, journals, informative documentaries, research papers and access to their local, school or university libraries through the internet. It has recently become a basic necessity for the corporate world. Although it seems like people can still do well without this facility while, on the other hand, most of the reputable institutions have completely shifted their system of documentation to their websites. If you get enrolled in an institute, you will observe how most of your teachers upload assignments on the websites where students can log in and engage in educational conversations. Students are granted scores for such online contributions. These methodologies have made the presence of the student body on the internet crucial and mandatory. Students have even installed computing system in their classrooms for subjects like computer sciences that requires internet and computer as the basic component for studying their field. But that is not the only discipline that requires technology. Students have been taking their personal devices to the classrooms to take notes, take shots or record the lectures. Kindle became a recent obsession for all the book-lovers for the number of books it could contain in itself. It is a handy portable device that only requires recharging to work. Students made good use out of this device by storing all sorts of books so that they don’t have to carry the weight of their books to the classrooms. A laptop did a similar job.


Here are some changes brought by technology to the field of education:

A lot of changes have been brought in the entire activity of learning but what has remained the same is the act of learning itself. Be it through notebooks or laptops, the main objective remained intact. Having said that, we cannot overlook the note of ease and comfort brought by technology to improve the methods of learning for the students.


Language Learning

Learning foreign languages has become all the more easy with technology as it has brought tools and forums that help a person enhance their learning methodologies. For example, one can use applications and other online forums to learn languages. It is not mainly reserved for the walls of a classroom anymore. In fact, these applications help a lot more in letting a student “practice” language in order to learn it. A language cannot be dictated, neither can it be taught if you are aspiring to be fluent at speaking it. You definitely need to practice the language in order to be fluent at it, which is why applications like Duolingo are a big help. This application offers 85 different language courses in 24 languages. The best part is, it is absolutely free. It has around 300 million users who have taken great advantage of this app by learning the language of their choice or need.


Teaching and Learning Courses

With the availability of online classes and courses, people do not have to go all the way to the different parts of their city or country to get the education that they want. Sometimes you cannot even get the course from your university that you were earnestly wishing to learn. In that situation, you turn on your computer, check on the internet if there are institutes nearby where you can get the course of your choice. Even if you do not find the course, you can always look up for online places that offer the same service. Coursera is one of the most popular places that offers free courses from reputable universities and grants certificates to their students. Isn’t it amazing that you can find a teacher from any part of the world anytime you want, to study anything you want?!


Interactive Tools and Applications

With the latest applications and tools installed in the classroom, one can skype a whole session from a completely different part of the world to the classroom. This way students don’t miss a lecture if their teachers can’t make it to the class. Teachers can also invite guest speakers from across the world to deliver lectures on the concerned fields of study. Online methods of education are numerous. One can reach out to any influencer tutor, even if one can’t in the real world, then at least through the internet.


Advanced Visual Aids

Many medical and mechanical fields required strong visual aids to convey a concept across to the student body. Previously it depended greatly on a student’s power of imagination or the institutes’ efforts at bringing the equipment to the students in order to explain a phenomenon. With the latest technologies, software and visual graphical aids, one can study at length what lies in the depth and on the surface of objects.


Assistive Technology for Disabled Students

The classroom should never discriminate any student based on their physical abnormalities. Every human should have equal right to perform as a student in a classroom. If the student requires extra visual aids, he should be given them in order to enhance his abilities to learning and understand. Technology has become so advanced recently that it has eliminated the discriminatory factors by allotting disabled students with assistive devices that help them abundantly at taking education with their peers.



Students who are trying to research on a subject do not go to libraries as the source of knowledge and information when the internet has brought all the information close to them simply through clicks. As mentioned earlier, you can find journals, ebooks, research articles from reputable sites simply by logging in to their websites. You need to make sure your internet connection is strong enough to carry the burden of all these processes. You can opt for AT&T Springfield IL that offer reliable and affordable Charter Clarksville TN to help their customers have a smooth internet experience.

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