How to Boost Online Business through Content



Content is the king of Digital Marketing. You cannot run a social media page, website, rank on Google, write reviews on your blog if the content is not at par. Quality content is the backbone of any marketing in the digital world. Yet, using the content in the most intelligent way can make marketing more meaningful. Digital marketing is a relatively new method but way too economical and cost savvy than traditional marketing. Online marketing is already forever evolving but learning is always intriguing. Giving San Diego the credit for making me familiar with the digital world. Probably, the benefit of being close to silicon that it introduced me to another incredible telecommunication experience, that is to say, Cox San Diego. Here is a check-list to boost any online business through content:

Website Analysis

Some pointers to check the website performance and how visitors are responding to it:

–       Conversation rate: how many visitors or leads are converting into buyers after visiting the website?

–       Bounce rate: What is the percentage of visitors who leave the website after visiting it?

–       Visitor’s type: Keep a check on visitors. Are you getting new visitors, unique visitors, repeat visitors, and how many total visitors you get? Do visitors return? If yes, how frequent? Do you have loyal customers who visit your website?

–       Source of traffic: how your website is generating traffic? What are the sources through which people are getting your website’s link? Which marketing trick is most beneficial for driving traffic?

  • Which products and pages are most visited and bringing more customers?
  • What time and day your website receives most visitors?
  • Competitor Research

Read and research your competitors in the market – what works for them and what went wrong. It will not only keep the competitive spirit alive but will bring in various advantages. However, this is only the first page of the story, you have to dive in and practically execute things to get something out of it. Don’t take everything too hard – what works for them might not work for you. Do keyword analysis and competitors social media audit – that’s a key to understand them better.

  • Competitive Content

This is the phase where you can capitalize your competitor’s weaknesses. Work on what they don’t have, offer what the market anticipates. Highlight your strengths in the smartest way possible. For example, offer discounts, deals, free delivery, gift wrapping, or something that is trending at that point.

  • Optimize Page Speed

Around 40 percent of people leave the website by pressing the back button and why would they come back if they haven’t seen any content? Hence, the standard load time for any website should not be more than a second delay for any page to respond. By only taking care of this, you will save the 7 percent usual reduction due to slow page responsiveness.

Therefore, having a website that loads without taking any time and has effective content is crucial for your online business, regardless of its nature. Even the best content marketing strategy won’t give you the desired results if such minor technical glitch is not taken care well on time. You would never want to lose your customers over such petty and easy-to-fix page loading time thingy.

  • Inbound Marketing for Millennials

Since the targeted market and online consumers are usually millennials and they do not appreciate the pushy approach even the direct sales tactics are not received well. Contrary to it, millennials prefer to get engaged in insightful and valuable content which can be utilized later. Hence, it is recommended to develop a steady content marketing strategy, it may not bring overnight results but slow and steady marketing will bring effective results.

  • Prefer Video Content

When it comes to content types, video or visual content is widely considered as the most effective method to deliver the message. Visually rich content is very well received by the digital audiences in general as compared to any other format. As a matter of fact, the content having moving imagery or which is audio and visual retains 65 percent of the information whereas the content which is only written or in audio format has an average of 10 percent retention rate. Another research also reinstated this information by stating that 64-85 percent of customers are more inclined to buy the idea or product after watching its video.

On top of that, video content is incredible for search engines too. On social media as well, videos are well received, go viral, get comments, shares and appear in different searches. Plus, the video content on YouTube gets multiple back-links and traffic to the websites.

  • Don’t Overlook Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing should not be overlooked. Reaching out to the old customers and reminding them about the new products, old customers are half-baked leads, easy to convert into the customers as they are familiar with the company and the products. Hitting the old customers via email or SMS will keep them engaged and up-to-date without investing extra money. Old content from inbound campaigns can be recycled and reused for doing this.

  • Go Socialize

Driving traffic on the website through content depends on how well the content is being marketed digitally. Utilize social media, various other methods to drive traffic on the website. Relying on one traffic generating route is not enough, reach out to new and established audiences, obviously through relevant and quality content. Use tactics such as competitions offer or discounts strategically for driving traffic to the website.

  • Re-marketing

Again, old customers and people who are the target audience since the beginning are half-baked customers. Hence, re-marketing is the best method and most fruitful because they already have an idea about the brand and what is being offered. It caters people who have purchased something, were almost there, or someone who visits or is interested in some products from your website. You can tailor the ads and make them more strategic and effective by adding something. Either for massive e-commerce or small or medium sized business, this should be an essential part of your content marketing strategy.

  • Up-Sell at Every Point

Another idea is to increase the revenue without reaching out to new people but encouraging them to buy more with interesting offers and enticing discounts. There are various methods for achieving this agenda without being aggressive. Artificial Intelligence can help us identify the features and recommend the customers’ the products that are close to their interests or related products to facilitate the customers so they spend more.

The bottom-line is:

Content marketing is constantly updating with the emergence of the latest trends and tactics that help us get better and effective results. However, the foundation will always remain the same. It is better to analyze the competitor’s performance. Stay in touch with the new digital marketing trends in the online world. Engaging with customers in a most innovative and reassuring manner to strengthen the business by connecting them with a decent communication gap.


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