How To Choose Digital Print Media For Your Business?

When you find yourself choosing the right digital printing material at your point of sale you will first have to consider what you are going to print. In fact, some materials have a better yield if digital printing is small, such as paper, while others, textile or PVC materials, have a higher resistance to wear or give a better visual impact in closed areas rather than open as ad example the plexiglass. When you think about all the size and content of the print (images or text), you can then choose the material that best suits your store’s needs.


Using TEXTILE MATERIALS (such as canvas or PVC) will be the best choice if you want to print products such as medium or large banner advertising; wallpapers or posters for showrooms , offices or theaters; or even roller-blind displays that will easily be folded and transportable. Printing on fabrics and PVC offers great performance, defined images and deep colors, and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications because it is weatherproof and UV resistant, plus paper or cardboard.


Choosing paper or cardboard will, on the other hand, be the best option among digital printing materials if you need to set up your point of sale, especially within the store, using small exhibitors or small material such as posters, brochures, flyers, folders, etc. Paper-based materials offer excellent performance, just like textiles or PVC, but are certainly more suitable for producing materials that need to be handy for the customer and cheap for the buyer.


Suitable for large format prints, banners, posters, or posters, these Vinyl (polymeric, vinyl, or vinyl monomeric) films are perfect for short or long-lasting prints and if you need to apply them to irregular surfaces. Thanks to this modern material you can in fact require digital printing of shop signs or vehicle signatures and you will always get a qualitatively high image-level print from vinyl banner printing Los Angeles.

Choose the one that fits your business requirement and budget. Make sure the print you get designed must be easy to understand for the audience you want to target.

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