How to Choose the Perfect Colored-Rose for Perfect Occasion?

Multicolored Rose

Red, pink, white, yellow and orange…roses come in an array of colors. But not all of them are suitable for every occasion. The colors of roses have different meaning and are used to convey different feelings. Giving your roses mean something very special to a loved one, so make it truly significant by choosing the right colored roses.

To guide you regarding this matter, we have prepared a list of different color of roses and their meaning.

Red roses

Red is the classic choice to convey your love to someone special. By giving a bouquet of classic red roses wholesale, you don’t even need to say “I Love You’. Such is the beauty of red roses as they are worldwide used to share the deepest emotions and feeling of love.


Bright and cheerful, the color yellow symbolizes joy. Similarly, yellow roses are used to show warm feelings and convey happiness. Giving someone yellow roses tell the person the joy they bring with them and relationship you share with them. Yellow roses also represent spiritual love.


Pink connect with feelings, like grace, gladness, sweetness, gentleness. So, if you wish to convey these emotions, gift pink roses to the person. Pink roses convey happiness, admiration, and above all gift of grace.


White is considered the purest of all colors. It is used to convey innocence, purity, and charm. Due to this reason, it is used in traditional weddings as it represents a new beginning. White roses also express innocence and remembrance, so if a person evokes such feelings inside you, gift them white roses.

Orange roses

The beautiful blend of yellow and red, i.e., yellow represent desire and fascination. They are known to evoke desire, excitement, and enthusiasm. So, they are best used in celebrating someone’s success. Giving orange roses tells the excitement or passionate romance you share with that person.


Purple is famous for being the color of royalty, and so is the purple rose. So, if you wish to create a majestic aura and splendor, gift lavender rose. They are also given when you fall in love at first sight and finding it difficult to convey your emotions. They very beautifully offer a daily reminder to the special person of your love and eagerness to grow your relationship.


A slight pinker shade of orange, salmon gives out the similar emotion to that of orange roses. They indicate enthusiasm, desire, and excitement. By gifting salmon roses, you share your desire for someone, and it tells how truly you feel about them.


Rare but very effective in the transmission of emotions, green roses evoke the color of life, growth, and renewal of life. Green roses symbolize constant rejuvenation of spirit and thus give the message of cheerfulness.


If you are grateful to someone, unable to say ‘thank you, but wish to show your appreciation; gift them peach roses. They are a symbol of sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Now as you are well aware of the color variety of roses and their meaning, covey your emotions by gifting it someone special.

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