How to Clean a Paint Sprayer Before and After Its Use and More

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It’s always better to use a paint sprayer if you need a better finish. It gives you faster results but remember to clean it inside out after use, coz that’s really important. Here are a few tips that help to clean your paint sprayer given below:

You need to make sure that before you unplug the paint sprayer, you should spray all the paint that is caught between the systems. You can unplug the sprayer afterwards and just press one more time to release the built in pressure.

You can dip the hose of the paint sprayer in a bucket full of water

After that you can point your spray gun into the paint bucket and pull the trigger.

You can allow the water and paint inside the sprayer to come out and continue the spraying process in a bucket till the water becomes clean and clear.

By using a scissor or a knife, you can trim the bristles of the brush in one cm length.

You can pour some paint thinner or lacquer in a plastic mug or bucket.

You can take off all the spray gun parts and soak it in a lacquer or thinner

You can wear the good gloves and place some lacquer thinner on a clean cloth and rub off all the excess paint from the frame and body of the paint sprayer.

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With the trimmed bristles of the brush you can clean off all the paint thoroughly from the spray gun.

Filter the used lacquer thinner with a clean cloth and put the used thinner back into the real container so that you can use it again.

You can tie plastic bags under the wheels of the paint sprayer (if you have) as it is often the difficult part to clean. It helps to prevent over spray.

# Something you should know about paint sprayers

Paint Sprayer Types: Car Paint Sprayers and Fence Paint Sprayers

Getting a paint task done by making use of a paint sprayer is a perfect idea. Spray painting is one best technique for paint application to almost any surface, can be made use by newbie or experts with no difficulties. You can get your jobs done fast, spraying always consumes less time when weighted with any other paint application, another good advantage of spray application is that you can get a perfect finish. Really required when you are working with enamel or lacquer paints as it needs to be coated perfect on the surface to look good. When you are a newbie, you might end up in a not-so-good-looking surface, if you make use of brush or roller application, spray painting needs no much of expertise and if you are careful in the application, you can make a fine spray on the surface.

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When you are looking to do the paint job the spray way, there are lot many spraying machinery you can consider making use of. You can find multitudes of spraying machinery available in the market you need to get a sprayer according to your surface or your painting needs. It’s easy to find sprayer machinery that makes use of air, airless sprayers either of gas or electric, floor roll-over sprayers, to highly compact handheld cordless sprayers etc. Wagner, Campbell Hausfeld, Graco, HomeRight, Airlessco are a few manufacturers good in sprayer products.

If you got to do a paint job on your car or your fence, you got dozens of matching products for your needs from all these sprayer suppliers. It’s always good you can consult with your sprayer manufacturer, get them know to your requirement and buy the right sprayer. If you are not looking to invest money in getting a sprayer, you got other options to get your job done the spray way, this would be sprayer rentals. There are several parties you can find that provide paint sprayer machinery on rent. Search for someone in your location, tell them your spray job requirement and rent the machinery from them that would be really cost effective.


Best paint sprayer machinery

# 5 Best Paint Sprayer Brands

Are you looking for a paint sprayer? It’s definitely a wise decision for you as paint sprayers give much better finish when compared to brushes. Here are list of some of the best paint sprayers available in the market given below:

1. Graco TrueCoat  Plus Paint Sprayer

If you read the reviews of paint sprayers then you will discover that Graco charts top among the best paint sprayers. It gives you faster results and are every easy to clean. It also doesnt clog and adjusts automatically to the viscosity of the paint.

Graco TrueCoat Plus Paint Sprayer2. Campbell Hausfeld Paint Spray Guns

This paint spray doesnt allow a material to get wasted in the cup. It has got great features like providing optimal atomization and particle size. The aluminium body allows you to clean up easily. Its really worthy for its durability.

3. Wagner Paint Spray Guns

This is a paint spray which offers a perfect finish with its excellent air pressure control feature. The air hose also has a good height enough for your comfort. You can even select from the three different spray patterns. The flow control is also really great.

4. Milwaukee Paint Sprayer

This is a durable paint spray and gives great value for your money with its supreme finish and performance. The cleaning is also pretty and you can applied about 20 gallons of paint in six hours. It gives you the exact results like what you get after hiring a professional painter.

Milwaukee Paint Sprayer


5. Buffalo Tools Industrial Paint Spray Gun

Many reviews tell that this paint spray is really good for its price. You need to just make sure to make it clean after use.

It’s always better to buy these paint sprayers online as you can avail several discount offers on it and if you pick nice sites then you will get free shipping and faster delivery.

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