How to Get Medical Insurance to Pay for Dental Work

dental implants treatment

A dental implant is an artificial replacement of tooth root that is usually made from titanium. Many implant systems are available there to deliver reliable form of treatment. People in London having general oral health can go for implants and dental insurance is the best way here to reduce the amount you pay for replacing your missing teeth.

Does Dental insurance cove dental implants?

Dental implant treatment offers excellent result, if done correctly. According to your dental conditions, treatments could be expensive at times. With a reasonable fee, many patients who have lost a tooth or more can get commendable benefits of dental implants. Patients, who lost tooth due to accident or periodontal diseases and unable to get benefits of dental implants,can get treatment with minimum cost.

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Do you come under dental insurance coverage?

Be practical! A good dental insurance does not guarantee to cover your dental implant surgery. Various terms may exist in dental insurance policy that directly or indirectly exclude implants. Be sure and before choosing dental implant insurance coverage, find whether dental implants are clearly mentioned as covered treatment in policy. Find these following terms that exclude dental implants from insurance coverage-

  • Some existing conditions: Many insurance policies do not cover some conditions like pre-existing teeth, at the time of signing the policy.

  • Exclusion of cosmetic procedures: Sometimes, dental implants are termed as cosmetic treatment and doctors provide functional benefits to the patients besides the aesthetic ones. Often insurance does not cover the term ‘cosmetic treatment’.

  • Least expensive alternative treatment (L.E.A.T.): Another common term that is used mostly is “Least Expensive Alternative Treatment”. It is a clause, which means dental insurance will not pay you full cost of implants. It is because of the availability of acceptable, alternative treatment that is less expensive like regular dentures.

  • Waiting time: When you obtain dental insurance, wait for at least one year after having serious dental work. In case of expensive treatments, it is advised to wait even more.

Sometimes, it directly states that dental implants are not covered. However, if you find any of the above conditions appear in case of obtaining insurance policy, you may end up paying full cost of dental implants.

How can you get benefits from dental insurance?

Reportedly, some cases are found, where dentists and patients, both did not claim for the treatment cost. All happened because of their incorrect assumption that dental insurance does not pay back any implant cost, even if some benefits are available. Well, you could get compensation through these methods mentioned below-

  • Partial coverage of restorative phase (covers the cost associated to healing phase)

  • Specific case coverage (paying back in certain cases)

In clear terms, dental insurance does not cover treatments at any dental implants clinic in London; instead, medical plans cover it depending on the insurance on tooth loss. Normally, implants are more expensive than other methods of tooth replacement and most insurance providers cover almost none or less than 10% of the treatment fee.

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