How to Grow Your Startup Using Effective Content Marketing

Effective Content Marketing

When you’re building a startup, no matter the industry, you have to have a real focus on marketing if you want to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. While all types of marketing are useful, these days there is more of a lean towards content creation as it can be helpful in many ways.

Content marketing, a term which refers to formats like social media posts, e-newsletters, blogs, videos, white papers, eBooks, webinars and the like, is affordable for startups with even the tiniest of budgets. It can help you to find and convert more customers, get clients to buy more often and increase the number of referrals you receive.

However, perhaps you’re a bit confused about how to go about content marketing. Have you been trying to build your email marketing lists and social media followers for a while but are not sure how to create content that brings a solid return on investment?

If so, keep in mind that there are tips you can follow to improve your chances of success while at the same time reducing effort. Read on for ways you can help your startup through effective content marketing.

Work out What You Want

For your content marketing to be worth the investment of time and energy (and potentially money), you must work out what you want to get out of the creations. If you try to put copy together without being clear on your goals, you’ll end up with something ineffective and which that need to be re-done.

Results you hope to achieve could include things like getting more leads in general or from a specific niche you want to target (perhaps for a new product or service); making more of a connection and building relationships with your clients; getting more repeat business or increasing the number of referrals you receive.

You might have different goals for different pieces of content and/or at different times of year, which is normal. Be clear on this before you start creating content, so you know what direction to take with each piece.

Know Your Startup’s Point of Difference

When it comes to getting results from your content marketing, another tip is to know your startup’s point of difference. With so much marketing and other content coming at consumers, it’s easy for your creations to get lost in the crowd. However, if you’re clear about what it is that your startup does differently, and communicate this well in your content, it’s much more likely to get noticed by the right people.

Be Clear on Who You’re Targeting

Your content marketing will also be a waste of time if you design it with no true picture of who you’re creating it for. You may have just one niche group of people you’re marketing to, but often businesses have different markets they go after for different offerings. If this is the case, create different content for each market, so you strike the right chord each time.

When you create content specifically for a type of person or company, you’ll tailor what it is you say, plus the tone of the language used, the colors chosen, the type of format and length, layout and more. Being clear on your “who” will also make it easier to work out where to advertise or otherwise share the creation.

Add Variety

content marketing

People who create content marketing that grows their startup don’t get complacent in what they put together; instead, they mix things up on a regular basis. For example, your marketing plan should cover the creation of pieces done in various different styles, such as infographics, blogs, white papers, videos, social media posts, eBooks, forum chats, webinars, online and offline ads etc.

Don’t keep producing things that stick to the same length, either. Have a mixture of short-form content (think brief videos and social media posts) and longer pieces, like articles and books. The short-and-sweet content is popular because people are so inundated with content that they often won’t commit to investing more time in something that may not truly interest them. However, once you’ve piqued interest with brief content, this can work to funnel people through to longer pieces that educate them and increase engagement.

Always Provide Value

Make sure you ask yourself if every piece of content you put together actually provides value to consumers in some way. Effective content marketing has to entertain, educate, inspire, motivate or otherwise help people. It needs to be easy to understand and showcase personality that meshes with your startup’s branding. Steer clear of too much business speak, technical language or data, and include stories wherever possible as these are more emotive.

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