How To Make Team Communication Effective With Apps?

team communication

In a globalized business environment, one of the biggest challenges that many companies face is promptness of communication. Teams sitting in different geographies have to collaborate, and then they need a reliable way to get things done quickly. But they often find themselves waiting for the emails, calls, and files to reach them. This situation becomes worse when they are dealing with an irate customer who is running short of time to get his or her query resolved. So is there a solution that can help your team which is grappling with the challenge of effective communication? Yes, there are many team communication tools (read team apps) out there which don’t need more than an internet connection to help your team communicate seamlessly. Here is how you can use them to make team communication effective:

Sending Messages Instantly

You might say what’s new? Well, the difference lies in the way you organize your team contacts. You can group the team members according to their functionalities. It makes it rather easier to approach the desired members quickly. Instant messaging also helps you avoid writing long and tedious emails. While chatting, you can start conversations which are livelier and more effective in a business environment. It might help your team save a lot time in organizing emails. This instant messaging becomes more team-centric when it takes the form of group chatting. Just add the relevant team members and start discussing key issues. You will find that your team can make decisions quickly as now they are working as a cohesive unit.

Conferencing/Online Meetings

It is the most common requirement in any business environment while there was an app which offers messaging, their modern peers offer audio and video calling from the same app and that too without any additional hardware or application requirement. So there is no need to make arrangements for expensive ISD calls. In fact with VoIP based apps, you don’t have to make STD calls either. With just one app you can make audio calls & video calls. And while conferencing you may add up to eight members. In fact, using these latest team communication tools, you can easily conduct meetings online and save on travel costs as well.

Creating Teams

You can easily create teams for your company, department or the secret part of the project in which you want to work with some specific team members. In Flock, you can stay in touch with many teams from a single account. All you have to do is to give your team a name, a team URL and add the members using their e-mail addresses.


With these team communication tools, you can improve the communication, share the information whenever you want and render better services to those who matter the most. Try them if you haven’t and see the benefits.

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