How to Make the Most of Facebook When Selling Your RV?


Ready to dispose of your used motor home? No need to scratch your head wondering who can help sell my RV. With Facebook right there, sellers no longer have to brainstorm for the ways to market their RVs. This social media platform can connect you to thousands of people in a few clicks of your mouse. Even if you have as few as 250 friends, and they have more or less the same number of names on their friend lists, just imagine the reach you can enjoy by posting about your RV in Facebook. Indeed, social media is the easiest way of getting the word out about your rolling home. Here are the five ways you can use the power of Facebook to your advantage:

Shape Your Content Right

• Posting just about anything cannot draw your prospects’ attention. First, you will have to know which information you should share on Facebook.
• Start with images. Take some captivating photos of your rolling home and create an album. Add as many pictures as possible.
• Besides still photos, post videos for a more immersive experience. It will enable them to take a glimpse of the different corners of your motor home. Add a separate text note, stating features that you want to highlight.
• Change the setting of your post to ‘public’ to make sure that the ad reaches to a large number of Facebook users. Alternatively, you can create a separate page solely for the purpose of selling your RV. After creating the page, send like and share page request to your friends. Each like and share will help further expand the organic reach of your post.

Use a Stricter Privacy Settings

Since your ad is open to the public, many people outside your friends’ list will come to visit your wall. As a result, your profile will be exposed to a large number of people. Be sure, that your other posts are not visible to the mass. This way you can restrict the reach to your private details while still conveying the information about your rig to the public.

Take Advantage of the Latest Algorithm Changes

Not only Facebook but all social media sites regularly modify their algorithms. These changes are aimed at making their sites more search-friendly and intuitive. Research these changes to understand which types of content have better chance to pop up automatically in your friends’ news feeds. Currently, Facebook gives more preference to videos. Take advantage of this trend; create a Facebook video of your motor home featuring its USPs like a work area, a master bath equipped with luxury fitting, and so on.

Make Your Post Visually Appealing

Remember, Facebook gives higher preference to posts featuring images than basic text posts. Focus on making your images as alluring as possible. You can hire a professional photographer to increase the click-ability of your ad. If you cannot do so, enhance your photos yourself by using photo editing tools. There are many free ones out there; Photify and Aviary are the two most favored tools that can help you make your images for appealing.

Buy Facebook Ads

Highly-targeted Facebook ads can go a long way to connect you to your intended buyers. Besides bringing in sales leads, these ads also help you generate interest in your motor home. Moreover, it is easy to set up such ads in a few easy steps.

An RV is not an ordinary everyday item that you can sell very quickly on an auction site. Selling a motor home privately calls for a lot of research and preparation, the fact that keep people wondering who can help sell my RV ata fair price? The key to a quick sale lies in reaching out to the right audience. Leveraging social media sites like Facebook can help you market your moving home to a huge audience for a tiny cost.

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